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Improve your marks! Use SWC databases!!

SWC is announcing 1001 new dbase titles for SWC students to try – in addition to the CBE & SWC dbases always available. Here’s how to access SWC trial resources…

On the far left of the SWC web page, open library tab - click online resources for students.

  • Click Online Reference Center to access Learn Alberta dbases: enter username LA06 /password 4105 (all 0 = zero)


  • Click Gale e-books to access SWC dbases (always available) PLUS the trial of 1000 more (until Mar. 31, 2014) the short cut is http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/calg31217 )
    • At INFOTRAC screen, enter chartwell as the library ID
    • Gale Databases screen appears
      • See FIND box/ enter Search term/ click (searches all dbases available)
      • See * AcademicOneFile (*suitable for IB/ SWC trial until March 31, 2014)

and Gale Virtual Reference Center (SWC trial until June 30/ 1000+ dbases!)
Important tip:  always check full text whenever full or abstract are options (complete article vs summary)
The best news … on any dbase item used, find the citation icon for already formatted citations!

Need help? Just come to the library…

Online Reference Center

This is the link to the Government of Alberta Online Reference Center. Alberta Learning has licensed these online references for use by students, parents and teachers at home and in school.

Students will require the SWC school access code in order to access these resources from their home computers. The access code is available to our parents and students by request (LearnAlberta has asked we not post this information on the website). Contact the librarians at school or via e-mail to obtain the username/password.

GALE e-books

This is the link to 19 Online Titles for use by SWC students. The password required to access these e-Books is "chartwell"

For Model UN club members preparing for the Model UN simulation:

  1. Click on Gale Virtual Reference Library
  2. Click on the + sign next to "Nation and World"
  3. Click on "Countries of the World and Their Leaders Yearbook"
  4. Search for your country
  5. Print or download and save PDF file articles

CIAO [Columbia International Affairs Online]

The world's most comprehensive database for theory and research in international affairs
Username: swclibrary
Password: chartwell