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Helpful Tips about Churchill


  • 8:15 – 8:50 AM, Monday – Thurs
  • Opportunity to ask questions and get help.
  • Regular attendance at tutorials is highly recommended.


  • 4 periods per day
  • 80 - 85 minute classes
  • tumbling timetable (order of classes changes each day).
  • 5 minutes to get to each class
  • for a printable timetable, click here.

Semester System

  • Two semesters, 4 terms (2 terms per semester)
  • Semester 1 (Term 1 and 2)
  • Semester 2 (Term 3 and 4)


  • Early start (8:15 AM) and Early dismissals (1:00 PM)
  • 65 minute classes
  • 15 minute break at 10:30 AM (no lunch break)

Visual ID

  • Must be with you at all times. You must be able to produce it when requested.
  • ID Cards are required to sign out books, textbooks, bus pass rebate, yearbooks, grad and much more.


  • available before school, lunch, and after school
  • great place to study
  • many computers available

School Store -

  • can purchase school apparel, USB’s, water bottles

Business Office

  • Textbooks, pay fees, lanyards, etc.

School Resource Officer

  • We are fortunate to have a School Resource Officer.
  • His office is located beside student services.


  • Students can purchase lunch in the cafeteria if necessary.


  • Important information is shared with students
  • This is our form of announcements or a daily bulletin
  • Screens located across the school, posted on the school website

Learning Center

  • support for learning, before, lunch and after school, or sometimes during class after lesson if requested with teacher.


  • Occur the last two weeks of each semester
  • Students attend school only on days of exams or necessary tutorials after last day of classes.
  • For a look at the most recent exam schedule, click here.


  • only meet when announced to collect report cards, pictures, complete paperwork, etc.


  • check for assignments, grades and news for classes, pager to communicate with classmates


  • store backpacks, textbooks, etc.
  • must share with another student

Assistant Principals

  • Each student is assigned to an Assistant Principal.
  • The alphabet is divided between the principals.
  • Your last name will determine who your Assistant Principal is.
  • This information is located in the student handbook.

Student Services

  • Each student is assigned to a guidance counsellors, divided by alphabet
  • 20 minute appointments, scheduled through Guidance Secretary
  • Counsellors available for academic, social, vocational, and personal counselling