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Information for those who wish to attend
Sir Winston Churchill High School!

Registration Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in applying to attend Sir Winston Churchill High School.  We are a large comprehensive high school offering exceptional regular programs of study in addition to the International Baccalaureate program.

Please be aware that our priority of registration is for students who are “in district” (as defined by the school act) and “in boundary”. An in-boundary student is defined as having a parent or legal guardian residing in the communities of Brentwood (west of Charleswood Dr.), Dalhousie, Edgemont, Hamptons, Sherwood, Nolan Hill and Varsity.  Moving outside our areas may require a transfer to the new designated school for the next academic year.

Students who are new or returning to the Calgary Board of Education may begin in January for the following September and are best done as soon as possible. For families just moving to Calgary, the office is open in late August for Registraions. Please see our master calendar for the current year's dates.

Students interested in coming to SWC from outside our boundaries are encouraged to complete the Transfer Request Form and bring them to SWC, along with the most recent report card. Forms received from January 15 to March 15th are generally processed before May 1. Forms received after March 15 will be reviewed and processed in a timely matter. Transfer request forms are obtained from the student’s designated CBE high school (currently in grade 9) or current high school (currently enrolled in a CBE high school).  All applications are carefully reviewed using the School Act and Calgary Board of Education policies.  Families are notified of the school’s ability to accept the student’s application once all ‘in district” and “in boundary” students are registered.

All students who are not Canadian citizens must register through Kingsland Centre. For further information please click here.

Applications for registration and transfer requests require following documentation:

  1. Report card and/or transcript from previous school
  2. Proof of residency.
    1. A utility bill with a service address (gas, electric, cable or internet bill)
    2. Confirmed offer to purchase of a home or a lease agreement.  These will require further confirmation at a later date.
    3. (Please Note:  we do not accept a driver’s licence or a telephone bill.)
  3. Official Canadian documentation
    1. Canadian Birth Certificate, Canadian Passport, or Landed Immigrant papers, etc.
  4. Legal guardianship / custody papers (as necessary)

Requests for special programs (i.e. I.B programme) will only be considered after registration is approved at Sir Winston Churchill High School. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the main office at 289-9241.

Updated: December 2018