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"Winston's Way"

We are a community of students, staff, parents, local residents and businesses that live, learn and grow by the following principles:


Guidelines should be applied fairly and consistently to each community member, irrespective of race, religion, culture, age, gender, or sexual orientation. Each of us has the right to fair and equal consideration in all matters including instruction, evaluation, assessment, and discipline.


Our community expects each of us to exhibit respect for self, others, and for community property. Self-respect entails keeping the body, mind, and school free from banned substances. Respect for others involves the use of fair behavior and non-abusive language in relating to others. All are encouraged to develop sensitivities towards others' beliefs, values, and cultural practices. Respect for property entails ensuring that it is kept clean and in good repair.


Our community expects each of us to act responsibly for the common good. Each person is responsible for contributing to our positive learning environment. Each of us is responsible for individual success and should exhibit behavior conducive to achieving success in all endeavors.


Our community expects each of us to exhibit honesty in all actions within the community regarding the ownership and use of personal material and intellectual property. Our community must foster continuously and earnestly all endeavors by protecting them from compromise through dishonest practices.


Each of us has the right to a safe, friendly environment, free from physical and emotional harassment. Our community expects that positive relationships between and among individuals will be established without the formation of aggressive groups.


All stakeholders in our community - students, staff, parents, and businesses - are an essential part of our communication processes. Each of us should be included in discussions regarding matters that affect us. Where possible, each of us should be informed first of any observations regarding ourselves. All concerns must be addressed and conflicts resolved through reasoned discussion of issues.


Each of us is entitled to freedom of expression in so far as it does not demean other members of the community. Each of us should be involved continuously in the decision-making processes. Each of us is free to challenge, in an appropriate fashion, policies, procedures, decisions, and actions without fear of reprisal. Each of us should be free to develop the whole person without hindrance from any quarter.


Each of us is expected to be accountable for our own actions. This entails being aware of our community expectations, acting in accordance with these expectations, and facing the consequences of failure to meet these expectations.

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Approved by the Students' Council on behalf of our entire student body on May 12, 1995
Endorsed by the Administrative Council on May 22, 1995
Endorsed by the School Leadership Council on June 2, 1995
Endorsed by the Parents' Advisory Council on September 13, 1995
Sir Winston Churchill High School, Calgary