Swim and Dive



DIVING TEAM: The bulk of dive practices will be held at SAIT Pool. Click here for directions to Shouldice Pool.

SWIM TEAM: The bulk of the practices will take place at FOOTHILLS POOL. Foothills pool is located a short driving distance from Sir Winston Churchill. Directions to Foothills Pool from SWC can be found here.

Remember, the expectation is that you make TWO to THREE of the ABOVE per week! YOU MUST HAVE ATTENDED AT LEAST 10 PRACTICES BEFORE THE CUT-OFF DATE TO REGISTER FOR CITIES - Tuesday, November 20, 2012.

Gear Needed

GOGGLES! Don't come without goggles, people! It's like coming to football practice without a helmet, to badminton without your racquet, or to ballet without your tutu!!! They should also be GOOD goggles, made by a company such as iTech or Speedo. This should be purchased at a swim shop or large sports store. Don't cheap out on goggles as leaky goggles are a huge pain for a swimmer!

Swimmers and Divers should have appropriate bathing suits. For girls, this means a ONE PIECE suit. For guys, some sort of form fitting jammer style suit would be best. Save the bikinis and the board shorts for the beach!

Optional: consider using a work out bag to put your swim gear in before and after a workout and your clothing into while working out, instead of using a locker at the pool.

Swim Levels

Based on your swim experience, you will be classified as a BLUE, WHITE or RED swimmer:

Expectation and schedule

Both teams schedules can be found in the menu bar above. For the swim team, it's expected that swimmers make 3 practises a week. You can swim in more depending on your goals. You MAY be able to swim in less but you must speak to the coach or manager about this. Red swimmers typically cannot make 3 a week due to their own club practises, which is perfectly fine but you must communicate with us!