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RAP is an amazing opportunity for those students who wish to pursue a Career in the Trades after high school. This credited course allows students to be matched into an organization with a journeyman mentor to begin their apprenticeship, while still in high school. The students must complete a course HCS3000 before being placed with their mentor at their job site. Students then complete a 5-credit (125 hour) Work Experience probationary period at the work site, to see if the match is working for both sides.  If both sides are in agreement, the Apprenticeship can begin with hours earned towards their trade, while earning high school credits and receiving a salary if the employer chooses.

*Students wanting to become involved in the RAP Program should start in the spring/summer of their Grade 10 or 11 year.  A Student & Parent Information Night with a representative from Careers Next Generation will run for all Area 1 high schools sometime in the spring. Any students hoping to participate in this program should attend this meeting with their parents.*

If you are not sure which of the 50 trades available in Alberta you are interested in, here is a website for you to search: http://www.tradesecrets.gov.ab.ca/

Students interested in becoming involved:

  • Should understand they are expected to attend work during the summer.
  • Should do some background research into the trades so that they know which trade they wish to pursue.
  • Attend the RAP Parent Information Night.
  • Must complete their 1 credit CTS pre-requisite course HCS3000 before starting at their job site.
  • Must complete their CSTS Online course, for construction trades.

If you would like more information regarding this opportunity, please contact Ms. Behrns at 289-9241 ext: 2501 or in the her office in the Library.

Updated: December 2018