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Work Experience News

Calgary Police Service – is offering a paid - Automotive Exploratory Opportunity:

This is a great opportunity for a up to 2 students to work with the automotive team at Calgary Police Headquarters.  It would be Saturdays and/or Sundays 07:00 – 16:30 for one semester starting mid-November 2016.  Please see Ms. H in the library for application and more details.  Due Date:  4:00pm on Monday October 17, 2016 to Sonya Gillis slgillis@cbe.ab.ca


If you are interested in taking Work Experience in the summer via Chinook Learning Services, please see Mrs. Hancsicsak in the Work Experience office in the Library as soon as possible.

Work Experience Procedure

Order of events:
1.            Parent consent signed
2.            Off Campus Agreement – signed and dated by all parties
– employer, parents, student and Work Experience Teacher
3.            HCS 3000 on-line course – completed with greater than 80% - worth 1 credit
4.            Site inspection and registration completed by Work Experience teacher
5.            Student Learning Plan and Hazard Assessment Form – completed by student and employer

Only after all of the above has been completed and submitted can hours be collected for Work Experience credits.

Work Experience Course Completion Requirements:

1.        Students must check-in with Work Experience Teacher on Monday or Tuesday in the Library to submit completed time sheets and to avoid being marked absent. 
2.            After 10 -20 hours, employers complete a 1st evaluation of the student
3.            Work Experience Teacher will visit work site while the student is working
4.            After 125 hours, students complete student reflection form
5.            After 250 hours, students complete student reflection form
6.            For course completion, students complete a self-evaluation and employers complete a final evaluation of the student
7.            Students must meet with Work Experience Teacher to sign off on course completion. 


Work Experience and Career Exploration 15/25/35

This course provides an opportunity for students to experience working outside the classroom in a community or professional environment for skill building, career exploration, and development of valuable employability skills. Students must work a minimum of 75 hours to receive 3 credits and thereafter, they receive 1 credit for every 25 hours of time at work that has been signed off and evaluated. HCS 3000 must be completed by all students prior to beginning at their work site.