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Business, Finance and Information Technology


Computer Graphics / Photography

Learn about photography, photo editing and retouching, graphic manipulation, animation and other multimedia. Learn to create web and print graphics.

Is Computer Graphics / Photography for YOU?

  • Are you the type of student who enjoys technology?
  • Do you enjoy taking photographs or would like to to learn more about the fundamentals of photography?
  • Do you like working with graphics?
  • Are you interested in creating animations?
  • Do you like being creative or would like to learn how to manipulate photos and graphics?
  • Do you want to keep extending your knowledge by learning new things?
  • Do you enjoy learning life long skills that will carry over into your other subjects of study?

Create effects that are seen in magazines, on TV, and on the Web.  Retouch photos, colour, paint, add filters for special effects and make alterations to the photos.  Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of animation, photo editing and graphic manipulation using Adobe software and photo capturing devices. The elements and principles of design for various media will be introduced. Students will use a variety of animation techniques to produce a simple animation; the focus is on basic skills, including planning, keyframing, stage set-up and production, used to create a moving picture. Storyboarding will be used to plan out a final animation project that tells a story.
Students learn the fundamentals of consumer-based digital image acquisition, management, composition, manipulation and editing software to improve image composition using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Soundbooth and other titles in the Adobe software lineup.

In intermediate/advanced courses students learn how to create 3d animations and model 3d characters. Students to learn about the advanced features of animation and image editing software as well as video editing techniques such as Green Screening and Color Keying using Adobe Premiere.  Photography techniques are further explored with projects focussing on specialist photography including - time-laspse, sequece, panoramic, and portrait photography.

Computer Science - Unleash the power of your mind, harness the power of technology

We are living in a rapidly changing society with social, cultural and economic changes being experienced. This rapid change is felt particularly in technology. In the Computer Science department we try to equip students to not only keep pace with those changes but be at the forefront.

Is Computer Science for YOU?

  • Are you the type of student who enjoys technology?
  • Do you have an enquiring mind seeking answers to questions like: How does this work? How can I improve this?
  • Do you have the confidence to test your ideas?
  • Do you want to keep extending your knowledge by learning new things?
  • Do you enjoy tackling problems and solving them in your own unique way?

In taking Computer Science courses at Churchill you will develop problem solving skills and a deeper understanding of what drives the technology. Your experience will be truly multi-disciplinary in that you will draw on your experiences of other subjects and daily life. You will also have the opportunity to develop creativity as well as your thinking skills.

In Computer Science you will develop the skills that are in most demand from secondary institutions and employers: greater skills and knowledge, ability to adapt to new technologies, ability to adopt new work patterns, original thinking and the ability to innovate.

Join a highly successful program!

Opportunities at University

Post-secondary institutions, including the University of Alberta, University of Calgary and University of Lethbridge are recognizing Alberta Education’s Computer Science advanced 5 credit courses on par with Physics 30, Biology 30 and Chemistry 30 for admission purposes to those institutions’ Bachelor of Science degrees.

On November 19, 2009 the Programs Coordination Committee of the University of Calgary approved acceptance of 5 credits of advanced level CTS Computer Science for admission! In addition to, or instead of, the traditional sciences of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, students may now submit their results in Computer Science when applying to the University of Calgary.

Financial Management - Securing your financial future through knowledge

Are you good with numbers and/or possibly thinking about making accounting a career after high school? You need to take this course. You will learn the importance of financial planning, and the concepts that affect the finances of an individual, including a code of conduct, the economic environment, acquiring and using financial resources and the effects of government legislation.

WHAT'S it all ABOUT?

Financial management is required in all aspects of society. In the CTS Financial Management strand, you study the use of financial data to enable you to manage your own financial affairs and those of a small business.

The CTS Financial Management strand provides an opportunity for you to explore:
• ethics in personal and business financial management
• the application and analysis of financial information
• communicating
• researching/organizing
• decision making/ problem solving
• how to use information and technology effectively
• team-playing
• managing
• planning

WHERE can this TAKE me?

The CTS Financial Management strand offers you an opportunity to learn about the development and use of financial information, and to profitably apply this information to your personal and business life. The field of financial management offers many occupational opportunities. These include:
• accountants
• banking, credit and investment managers
• economic development officers
• economists
• financial and investement analysts
• financial planners
• insurance agents and brokers
• insurance adjusters and claims examiners
• investment advisors
• marketing researchers and consultants
• real estate agents and salespersons
• supervisors, finance and insurance clerks

Post-secondary education!
Many businesses welcome people who are prepared to extend their training in one of the post-secondary programs in the financial management related area. In Alberta, numberous public and private colleges and all universities offer education options in this field.

See your counsellor for more information.

What ELSE do I need to know?

CTS Financial Management courses strongly support what you learn in:
• English Language Arts
• Mathematics
• Social Studies
• CTS Information Processing
• CTS Management and Marketing
• CTS Legal Studies

Management and Marketing - Managing the Tools to Success

If you are interested in entrepreneurship and is looking to gain customer service experience for future employment endeavors, this is the class for you! In this class you will develop an understanding of marketing concepts, principles and practices and apply them to your role as a consumer and/or entrepreneur.