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Health, Recreation and Human Services


Cosmetology -
A beautiful career where art and skill meet...

Stylin' in Coz!Do you think of yourself as a person with artistic ability? Fashion flair? Talent at creating and designing? Well then, Cosmetology might be the program for you, where you can put your abilities to use by learning to arrange the hair into stylish works of Art; by learning the techniques and tricks used with make-up application to accentuate good features, treatments to promote health and well-being, and to create attractive nail art designs.

Senior Cosmetology provides a wide range of basic hair services like haircuts, styles, colors, and nail services such as: manicures & pedicures for a fraction of the professional prices.


The Cosmetology program offers three years of study for students who are interested in learning all the secrets used to create artistic hair styles, haircuts, colors, and perming techniques. Students will also learn how to care for their nails, skin and to apply make-up products, by learning how to give esthetic treatments, and by choosing the best professional beauty products to use for themselves and others.

We also offer professional hair styling products at student friendly prices available to ANYONE, not just SWC staff and students. Click here for a pricelist.

Come by the Cosmetology Room 119 for more information on prices, products and appointment times or call us at 403 777 7022

Food Studies -
Come and enjoy the class of wonderful aromas….

Many a student walking the hallowed halls of Churchill have been drawn by the amazing odours wafting out of Room 119. That's the Foods classes whipping up another culinary treat. If you love food and want to learn how to cook and bake like the pros, then these classes are for you!

Click on the image to the right to be taken to a fun video about the foods classes. If that's not your cup of tea (haha!) then read this essay by Elaine Corn entitled "Why Learn to Cook".

Why Learn to Cook?

The new year brings with it lots of self-benefitting promises you hope you won't break within a month or two (or three). Instead of the usual empty resolution to lose weight, why not vow to learn to cook? It's a skill you'll use the rest of your life. Knowing just a few simple recipes will put you in enough control of your diet to probably lose a little weight, too.

Why it's important to learn to cook has to do with what I like to term the ancillary psychology of liberation. Knowing how to cook is a freeing ability. You unchain yourself from the need to eat out constantly, the financial obligation you have to those on whom you depend for every bite, the lack of control over your nutrition, and the hollow existence that implies that when you're hungry, you have to get in the car.

Replacing these burdens with a sense of self-determination actually makes you feel good. Cooking your own dinner even once or twice a week is the stuff of radical change. You'll spend less, eat better (or at least what you want, and in your pajamas, if you like) and feel in charge of a part of your life previously owned by others.

How to start? The first important motivator is to believe that you can cook as well as many of the folks whose food you've been relying on up to now. Do you eat a lot of hamburgers and frozen dinners? Do you eat lousy pasta at the all-you-can-eat pasta buffet where they practically give you the food free but charge a mortgage payment for your beverage? I promise you, in this time of new promises, that YOUR sauteed chicken breasts, a salad of your own making, and a fresh vegetable will taste better and be better for you than all of the above.


Legal Studies - "Know Your Rights!"

What are an individual's rights? Through the use of realistic scenarios and case studies, students will gain a better understanding of our legal system. This exciting look at the Canadian justice system will include examining how laws directly affect students.


Sports Medicine - Thinking of a career in medicine? Try SPORTS MED FIRST!!!


  • Want to participate in a FUN, INTERACTIVE class that gets you OUT OF YOUR DESK?!
  • Interested in SPORTS and ATHLETICS?!
  • Ever wanted to learn how to treat a sprained ankle, tape a wrist or ice a knee?
  • Thinking about careers in Medicine, Nursing, EMS or Health and Wellness?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then SPORTS MEDICINE IS FOR YOU!