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Media, Design and Communication Arts


Design Studies - Make your imaginations come to life through design!

Everything in the world was designed by someone, maybe the next great designer is YOU!

Get experience in Architecture, Engineering, Animation and Design using an extensive set of 2D and 3D software tools used by industry professionals around the world. Examples of the software platforms utilized include Autodesk Design Academy and Animation Academy software. Create houses and other architectural structures, learn to model and animate, as well as create realistic prototypes of real world parts and assemblies. The possibilities are endless!

Here is a link to a youtube video on Design Studies at SWC.

Design is for YOU if...

You are someone who likes to create and design. You are interested in how objects interact with one another to form a greater whole. You take pride in finding solutions to problems. You may or may not be artistic but you are full of ideas of how your world could be improved through new ideas and designs. Move over Steve Jobs, there is a new designer in town that is going to turn the design world upside down! That, my friend, is YOU!

Check out these design studies videos!


Design surrounds us. Everyone designs every day. Signs, displays, packages, road systems, computer games, furniture, automobiles, clothing, houses and highrises are all examples of professional design. CTS Design Studies helps you become aware of design in your environment. You solve visual, structural and organizational problems, and apply your skills and knowledge to create innovative approaches, products and systems.

The CTS Design Studies strand provides an opportunity for you to explore:

  • creativity and aesthetics
  • processes
  • resources
  • communication
  • project management
  • the business and profession of design

WHERE can this TAKE me?

The ability to solve many different kinds of design challenges creates a broad range of employment options. Potential careers include

  • architects
  • draftsmen
  • engineers
  • exhibition/display designers
  • fashion designers
  • furniture designers
  • graphic designers
  • industrial (product) designers
  • interior designers
  • landscape designers
  • set designers

Post-Secondary Education Opportunities

Development of marketable skills in design requires post-secondary training. All universities in Alberta and most colleges and technical institutes offer programs in various areas of design.

See your cousellor for more information.

What ELSE do I need to know?

The notion of design can be found in:

  • Art
  • Drama
  • Science
  • CTS Computer Graphics/Applications
  • CTS Communication Technology
  • CTS Management and Marketing
  • CTS Fashion Studies

    Digital Photography

    Digital Photography is linked to Computer Applications.