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Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS Activities)

For the CAS Manual, please click here.

The final requirement for an IB Diploma student is involvement in CAS Activities.  One aim is to provide challenge in the three components established by the IBO.  It suggests that creativity should be interpreted as imaginatively as possible to cover the widest range of arts and other activities and to include creativity by the individual students in designing and carrying out service projects.

Activity, as defined by the IBO, may include physical activities, both team, and individual, and also training for service.  As far as service is concerned, the IBO does not suggest exclusively social service, but also environmental and international projects.

The aim of CAS Activities is to provide opportunities for service, which could include contributions to the local community, the international community, and the school community.  Activities are also intended to compliment the academic disciplines of the curriculum and to counter-balance what is sometimes seen as the academic self-absorption of IB students and the privilege status of many IB students and schools.  Finally, such activities are intended to challenge and extend the individual student by developing a spirit of discovery and self-reliance and should encourage individual skills and interests.

Many requirements for CAS can be met by the extra-curricular activities offered at SWC.  Furthermore, many students may be engaged in activities not associated with the school which will fulfill IBO requirements.  However, as a general guide the IBO has determined that 3 to 4 hours per week should be devoted to CAS.  An alternative is to have concentrated periods of time devoted to specific projects.

The IBO has placed this expectation on Diploma students only, not on those preparing for certificates in specific subjects.  However, SWC places expectations on all IB students to take an active part in extra and co-curricular activities, in the community at large and perhaps even in the world community.  Such involvement is an important element in all students’ secondary education.

The IB CAS programme aims to develop students who are:

CAS (creativity, activity and service) is at the heart of the program of IB. The three threads of CAS are characterized as follows:

Creativity: arts, music, writing, and other experiences that involve creative thinking; learn a difficult piece of music or a new instrument, write a piece of music, learn a new sculpting technique, learn how to compose photos well, write a children's story (these are activities meant to be performed or shared with others).

Activity: physical exertion that contributes to a healthy lifestyle: learn a life-long sport such as cross-country skiing, or swimming, curling or golf, train for a half-marathon run, or a triathlon, playing on a school or community sport team.

Service: unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit for the student, and should involve prior communication and full consultation with the community or individual concerned; working backstage for our mainstage production, volunteering to read to the elderly or very young, shopping or shoveling snow for seniors, starting a composting program in your school.

CAS opportunities must involve:

Through CAS, IB students must achieve seven key learning outcomes. As a result of their CAS experience as a whole, including their reflections, there should be evidence that the students have (all seven outcomes must be present for a student to gain in IB certificate or diploma):

Reflection may be public or private, individual or shared, objective or subjective. After each activity, ask yourself the following questions:

CAS activities may not be part of your IB programme in any other way.

Avoid religious or politcal activites that could be considered proselytizing or devotion, or could worsen social relations or cause divisiveness amoungst people.

CAS must be completed throughout an IB sstudent's high school program and cannot begin until a student is accepted into IB and begins an IB course.


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