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Registration for Grade 10 Students entering IB

Registration Information

Students interested in Math and/or Science IB or in a Full Diploma Programme should be registered in Math 10 Candidate and Science 10 in the first semester of their Grade 10 year.

If the language of interest is Chinese, the student must begin Chinese 10 Honours with The Chinese Academy at the beginning of grade 10.

Candidates will apply to the IB programme in November of their Grade 10 year, with Math IB, Biology IB, Physic IB and Business Management IB beginning in the second semester of Grade 10. A second round for IB for Grade 10 students for grade 10 IB applications takes place in the spring, but is limited to Literature IB, World History IB, Art IB, Chemistry IB, Languages and Computer Science IB.

As the IB programme is designed to be a programme rather than individual courses of enrichment, acceptance into the programme will look at the applicant’s total requests and teacher recommendations. A well-rounded programme will receive priority attention and placement.