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IB and Band - check out how you can take IB classes and Band courses! Click here for details!

Area IB Applications: Grade 9 students living outside the boundaries of Sir Winston Churchill and within Area 1 interested in participating in the IB programme must submit Area IB applications. These applications forms are found on the CBE website - Expression of Interest. and normally due on January 15.

Fall Grade 10 IB Applications: Grade 10 students interested in applying to a full IB Diploma program, or to a partial IB Course program, should come to an information meeting in the fall of their grade 10 year. This is a meeting just for the students and will be advertised through our school news - The Churchillian. Application forms for the IB program will be available following the meeting and due back to the main office.

Area 1 Grade 9 Parent Information Meetings: For all prospective parents who live in Area 1 of the CBE, who would like to know more about the IB program or are considering enrolling their child in the SWC IB program should attend an information meeting in the fall of their student's grade 9 year. We generally offer the sessions twice, repeating the information at both sessions. These dates are posted on our school calendar.










IB Coordinator

Brent Johnson, IB Coordinator

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