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Trade, Manufacturing & Transportation


Construction Technology - Building Skills, Confidence and Careers

Are you the type of person that likes to be creative? Would you like to learn skills that will enable you to work with wood and to create endless projects? Would you rather build it yourself than pay someone else a fantastic amount of money? Do you have an urge to be handy?

If so, Construction Tech can place you on the path to become a worthy hobbiest or a journeyman carpenter. Come find out for yourself!


Electronics: Shockingly Different!

Electronics is a blast for all!Put down your pencil and pick up some real electrical equipment!

You might be interested in electronics if...

You are a student who enjoys hands on learning, and have an interest in figuring out what makes "electrical stuff" work. You will design and build an electrical project that you get to take home to keep.

Taught by Mr. Spademan (pictured left), electronics is a great complementary course for those heading towards engineering and other science disciplines, or are thinking about making the big bucks as a journeyman electrician!


Mechanics - Learn to fix the "FIRST" modern technology!!

Mechanic students at work!Almost everyone is dependant on their vehicles. What makes them work? What is a MacPherson Strut? What is a counterweight used for? What are the good and the bad consequences of vehicle ownership?

Come find out the answers to these questions in Mechanics!

In Mechanics 101 you will learn about vehicle systems and perform minor vehicle repairs on real cars. You will also learn about the 4-stroke cycle engine and disassemble and then reassemble a working engine. Yes, it will run again when you are finished.

You might like MECHANICS if...

...you are inquisitive and like a hands on learning experience. You would rather work with your hands than sit and learn by hearing someone talk! Great mechanics can think on their feet and problem solve like the best Nobel Prize Winners! You will get dirty once in a while, but that is all part of the learning. No previous experience is necessary.


The transportation industry is very large and diverse, offering many opportunities for a rewarding career, either in designand production or in servicing of motor vehicles. The CTS Mechanics strand will help you realize these opportunities and turn them into rewarding lucrative careers.

The CTS Mechanics strand provides an opportunity for you to explore:

  • vehicle design and ownership
  • propulsion systems
  • guidance and control systems
  • suspension and structural systems
  • project and service work

WHERE can this TAKE me?

The CTS Mechanics strand offers you hands-on experience, knowledge and skills related to the design and maintenance of transportation vehicles, and the effect they have on the environment and the economy. This is an educational opportunity that introduces you to a wide variety of occupations in this field, including:

  • aircraft maintenance engineers
  • agricultural mechanics
  • auto body technicians
  • automotive service technicians
  • electronic assemblers, fabricators, inspectors and testers
  • elevator constructers
  • machine fitters
  • manufacturing managers
  • mechanical engineers
  • TEACHING! (Mr. Kellington is both a teacher and a journeyman mechanic!)

What ELSE do I need to know?

CTS Mechanics courses strongly support what you learn in:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science (especially problem solving)
  • CTS Electronics
  • CTS Enterprise and Innovation
  • CTS Fabrication Studies
  • CTS Design Studies