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General English Information

Taking English at SWC

Every student is expected to eventually complete a 30 level English course.

ELA 10-1, 20-1 and 30-1 are academically rigorous courses designed for students who are interested in the study, creation, and analysis of literary texts. Students registering in these courses should have demonstrated strengths in both their reading comprehension and writing skills.

ELA 10-2, 20-2 and 30-2 are courses for students who are interested in popular culture and real world contexts or students who have encountered difficulty with English and who could benefit from continuing support.  

It is recommended that students achieve 65% in grade 9 ELA or a minimum of 75% in ESL 4B to take 10-1. Otherwise, it is strongly recommended that students take English 10-2. Once in the academic stream, a mark of 65% is recommended to advance to the next course level.

There are various pointswhere students can move to a different route. If a student in the academic route achieves a mark between 45 and 49%, they must either retake the course or, as another option, move into the next level in the non academic stream. For example, a student with 45% in English 10-1 can go into 20-2.

If a student in the non-academic stream wishes to enter the academic stream, a mark of 65% or greater is recommended. If this occurs, the student can choose to take the same grade's academic English. For example, an English 20-2 student with a 65% can take English 20-1.

Please visit our course planning guide for detailed course information.

Updated: December 2018