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The Choral Program at Sir Winston Churchill  

About The Program

Participation in the SWC Concert Choir is contingent upon enrollment in choral music 15, 25 or 35. For more detailed information about those courses, please visit our Course Planning Guide.

The choir is a very active performing ensemble.  Concerts through the year include the school’s Remembrance Day ceremony and Graduation Ceremony, a winter and spring concert at the University of Calgary’s Rosza Centre, and numerous Calgary music festivals.  The choir is often requested to perform at local feeder schools as well. In addition, we record a professional CD every 3 years.

This is a credited course so school expectations as outlined in the handbook apply for all rehearsals and performances.  Professional traditions in music also apply.  Bring energy, focus, and initiative to each rehearsal and concert

Requirements and Expectations

No previous music experience is required to sing in the concert choir.  A strong commitment to the team and wilh3ngness to perform and practice outside the regular school timetable is a necessity.

Choir members come from a wide range of musical backgrounds.  Some sing in choirs outside of school, others are involved in the instrumental program at SWC and want to sing as well as perform in band, while other students have a strong piano or other musical background not accommodated at SWC and wish to have a musical experience in a school setting.

A one-time placement audition is done for all new members.  This is done only to help create a suitable balance in the choir and to place each student in a section where they may be comfortable singing and learning.


The choir callboard is the bulletin board located outside the theatre, beside the staff washrooms. 

It is the responsibih3ty of each choir member to check it frequently for information.  Information is updated regularly and includes such things as:

    Rehearsals- Dates and times for rehearsals are posted monthly.  Any changes made to this are done on the callboard.  Attendance is a must in this performing ensemble and is reflected in your overall grade.

    Sectionals- Often the choir will be divided into sections to concentrate on giving more attention to details.  The callboard will highh3ght when and who is required for a sectional.  This is also included in your sectional graded as indicated in your outh3ne.

    Performances- All performance information is placed on the callboard including location and times for warm-ups, and start and end times.         

Music and Uniforms

Music and a SWC choir vest are provided to members at no cost.

The student is responsible for the following:

Black dress pants/ skirt
White dress shirt/ collared blouse
Nice conservative tie for the men
Black dress shoes
Black socks!!!!!!!!!

When students are in uniform it must be complete.  You are representing the school and greater community; please help to present a professional and dignified image!

You are responsible for returning all music and your vest in the same condition it was given to you.  You will be charged for lost or damaged music and/or vest.

Vests are kept in storage in room 005. Ask Mr. Graham to get them!

For any other information, feel free to pop by the music office and ask!

Mr. David Graham
Choir Leader