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Science 10 Lab Exam

Labwork and laboratory skills are an important part of any course in science. The ability to work in a lab and to know how to safely and efficiently operate laboratory equipment is also paramount to student success in later science courses both at Sir Winston Churchill and beyond.

Because of this, the Science Department takes the time and effort to set up a unique Laboratory Skills Exam for it's grade 10 academic science students. During exam break, Science 10 students are required to do this exam which is worth 5% of their overall mark. Some important things to know:

  1. Students should CHECK THE SCHEDULE for their name and exam time, which is located in the main foyer and on this website here.
  2. students wait in the main foyer for an escort to the room; you may not go upstairs unescorted
  3. you only need to bring a pencil, ruler, eraser and cleared calculator into the room

Other Lab Exam Rules in a printable PDF format can be found HERE.