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Social Studies Department
Academic Integrity – Policy and Expectations

Students are obligated to act in ways consistent with the principles of academic integrity. Please consult the Academic Integrity policy found in your agenda book.

“To pass off contributions and ideas of another as one’s own work is to deprive oneself of the opportunity and challenge to learn.”  (p. 71 University of Calgary Calendar)

In Social Studies, the following are examples of intellectual dishonesty:

Test and Quiz situations

  1. copying and submitting answers from someone else’s paper
  2. memorizing someone else’s essay and reproducing it during a test
  3. using notes or other materials when they are not permitted
  4. using notes, quotes or information from programmable electronic devices when not allowed to do so
  5. allowing another person to copy one’s work or answers
  6. altering the mark or answers on assignments, test, or quizzes marked in class

Class Assignments

Plagiarism may involve:


Depending on the severity and degree of the inappropriate behavior, consequences for engaging in Academic Dishonesty may include: