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Important Final Exam Rules and Information

Device Policy and Examinations

Students MUST NOT have a cellphone or other electronic device on their person during a major assessment in any of their classes.  It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that their devices are both TURNED OFF and NOT ON THEIR PERSON during a major assessment.

Students who are discovered with a cellphone or electronic device on their person during a major assessment, even if it is turned off, will have that test invalidated and a mark of zero assessed.  This policy is in keeping with Learn Alberta’s policy regarding diploma exam administration, and it will be enforced at Sir Winston Churchill for all major tests.

Prohibited Items in an Examination

Things to Bring for your Exam

Use this as a checklist for things to bring:

  1. PICTURE ID: needed for ALL exams especially diploma exams
  2. HB pencils, ideally mechanical to eliminate sharpening
  3. Pens if writing an essay and if a pen is required or preferred
  4. Good quality eraser
  5. Comfortable clothing: Remember that coats are NOT allowed. Wear a sweater if you get cold easily or if you are writing in the gymnasium.
  6. Bottled water and/or food item in a clear container such as tuperware or a clear bag. Please no nuts or nut products.
  7. For English Part A exams: You may be allowed the following print resources as long as they are free of any notes or handwriting. This will be checked.
    1. A print dictionary
    2. A thesaurus
  8. For Social Part A exams: You may be allowed the following print resources as long as they are free of any notes or handwriting. This will be checked.
    1. A print dictionary, so long as it does NOT contain appendices that include social studies content (see below)
    2. A thesaurus
  9. For Math and Science exams: rulers, protractors and an approved calculator provided that:
    1. the calculator is cleared back to original factory settings, free of any extraneous programs or built in notes.
    2. DO NOT bring your calculator cover. Leave it in your locker or at home
    3. There are certain programs which are used to conceal information in a calculator. Staff assigned to check calculators know and can detect these programs. ANY ATTEMPT to use a calculator containing these programs will result in that student's final exam being invalidated (given a mark of zero).

Other Important Rules

  1. ARRIVE EARLY: Show up at school at least 15 minutes before the examination. For a diploma exam, at least a half hour before. You will be called in early to prepare.
  2. LATE ARRIVALS AND EARLY EXITS: Once you are in an exam, you MUST remain for one hour minimum. Once an hour has passed in an exam, late arrivals will not be allowed to write the exam.
  3. Students may not discuss a diploma exam with the supervising examiner unless the examination booklet is incomplete or illegible.
  4. Students may not talk, whisper or exchange information in any way with another student.
  5. LEAVE ALL EXAM MATERIALS:You are NOT allowed to take examinations or examination materials out of the examination room, including any tear out pages or rough draft materials.
  6. If your exam is a diploma examination:
    1. Find your designated seat.
    2. Place photo ID on the corner of your desk.
    3. Follow the Head Examiner's instructions regarding the preparation of the booklet and checking of your examination materials.
    4. When finished, raise your hand before getting up. An examiner will doublecheck your exam, have you clear your calculator (if a math or science exam) and give you permission to leave the exam room.
  7. LEAVE THE AREA ONCE FINISHED: Be considerate of others not only in your exam but in other examination rooms. Once finished go to the foyer, the student center or simply leave the school once your exam is over.

The staff of Sir Winston Churchill wishes our students all the best
as you prepare and take your examinations.
Study hard and good luck!!