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Grade 10 Compulsory and Complementary Courses

Ensuring you are on the right stream to satisfy Alberta High School Diploma requirements, reaching your post secondary entrance goals and, of course, taking classes you like are all easier with a counsellor's help. However, it's best that you know as much information as possible so read the following carefully.

Each class that you take in high school can be categorized either as a COMPULSORY or COMPLEMENTARY course.

Compulsory Courses

Compulsory (also called "core" courses) aren't optional. They MUST be taken by students to satisfy provincial educational requirements.

All students must register for courses in the following five subject areas:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physical education
  4. Science
  5. Social Studies

All grade 10 students must take Phys Ed 10.

As for Grade 10 English, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics, there are two different possible "streams" from which to choose. Teachers and counsellors will recommend the level in which students should register according to their ability and achievement in that subject area in grade 9. Students are expected to register for the levels that have been recommended.

High School Recommendations

Junior high teachers will make high school recommendations for all grade 9 students. These recommendations will be based on a body of work completed throughout the school year and may be subject to change as the year progresses. Junior high teachers will review recommendations at the end of June and make adjustments as needed.

If your child has struggled with junior high content or would benefit from working their way towards the higher level classes, the following statements may be true:

  • Students at this level of achievement may benefit from starting with Eng 10-2, Soc 10-2, Sci 14, Math 10-3
  • High school counsellors will work with students to create an individual plan to upgrade to the higher level courses if student wishes to take Eng/Soc 10-1, Sci 10, Math 10 Common
  • The pace of this plan may look different with individual students in order to accommodate learning needs.
  • NEW – Students who wish to take Math 10 Common may benefit from taking Math Competencies 15 in the first semester in order to be better prepared for success in Math 10 Common Semester 2. (3 or 5 credits depending on support needed)

Note: We will honour the recommendations made from the junior high teachers. Students will be registered for the academic classes recommended by the junior high teachers.

Complementary Courses

A complementary course, unlike a core course, has the aspect of choice. Although grade 10 students must choose a complementary course (to eventually satisfy the requirement of 10 credits in this area), you can choose to take these credits (or more) from a large list of subjects which cater to a student's individual desire, goals and interests.

Students in their grade 10 year should choose to do one five-credit complementary course or two three-credit complementary courses. Please click here for a list of courses offered at Sir Winston Churchill for our grade 10 students.

Grade 10 students will not be granted class changes for complementary classes. The only class changes made for grade 10 students are those that involve changes to academic classes based on final report card marks in June.