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Grade 11 & 12 Course Selection

Course Selection Procedure

As a service to students, guidance counsellors will be going into classrooms to work with all current grade 10 and 11 students on their course selections for next year. This process usually occurs in March of every year. Students are expected to plan ahead and come prepared to complete course selection. Please review the information below as it will support you in making informed choices with your course selection.

Students and Parents, please read the following information carefully! Choose to scroll through the information on this webpage or, alternatively, click through the brief flash presentation below:

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Alberta High School Diploma Requirements



For more information, click here to see Alberta Learning's information on high school requirements.

General Cautions and Suggestions

  1. Sir Winston Churchill students are expected to carry the following minimum course loads:
    • Grade 10: minimum of 40 credits
    • Grade 11: minimum of 35 credits and 3 full course equivalents per semester
    • Grade 12: minimum of 30 credits and 3 full course equivalents per semester
  2. Students should include a variety of exploratory complementary courses in their program of study for grades 10 through 12. Specialization is better left to post-secondary study.
  3. Post-secondary entrance requirements should be considered beginning in grade 10. If an admission standing of 80% is required, students should strive for at least an 80% average in grade 10 and 11, not just in grade 12. Courses tend to become more difficult in senior grades, not less difficult.
  4. It is CBE policy that students are eligible to register in high school programs for 3 years OR 6 semesters.  In general, students requiring time beyond their grade 12 year to complete diploma requirements will be directed to Chinook Learning Services to continue their education.
  5. Course withdrawals are discouraged at Churchill, so students should plan their program carefully BEFORE they choose a course.  Withdrawals from courses will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  6. Repeating a course will not be allowed in the same school year.  Students may, however, repeat a course in the following school year. For this reason, it is important that students work hard at successfully completing their courses the first time. Students will not be allowed to repeat a course more than once, or for upgrading.Planning for Post-Secondary

What Grade 12 Classes are Universities considering?

All Universities are going to look at 5 Grade 12 subjects. For all University programs they will first look at the following classes:

1. English 30-1
2. Math 30-1 or 30-2 (Nursing and some Arts Programs)

3, 4 and 5 change DEPENDING ON YOUR PROGRAM!

Examples of the above:


3) Math 31

4) Physics 30

5) Chemistry 30


3) Academic

4) Academic

5) Academic or Complementary Class


3) Science

4) Science

5) Next highest Academic or Complementary Class

 Course Changes:

Changes to complementary classes will not be entertained in the fall.