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Guidance News

School Opening Fall 2016

We welcome back our returning Churchill students and extend a special invitation to our new students
to visit us in Student Services.

The guidance department is staffed with three full-time and one part-time counsellor and a secretary.  Students are assigned alphabetically to their counsellor. 

Mr. G. Oakes

A – G

Mrs. K. Murray

H - K and P

Mrs. K. Alladin

L - O

Mr. M. Fullerton Q - Z

Timetable Concerns & Change Requests

Counsellors have examined student timetables to ensure appropriate course selections for all students. As well, all timetables have been checked to address concerns regarding sequence and workload balance, with adjustments made where possible.

It is anticipated that there will still be some requested changes. In order to address these requests as quickly and efficiently as possible, please use the following procedures.

When students come into school to pay their fees and pick up their textbooks, they will receive a copy of their timetable.  If at that time students feel a change is required, he/she should see the personnel outside student services; if the request is deemed appropriate, then a course change request form will be provided.  You may then complete the form and leave it in the basket provided.

Changes to complementary classes will not be considered.

Students will be issued a change request form for the following reasons ONLY:

  • I lack the prerequisite for this course
  • I attended Summer School and passed this course (attach copy of report card)
  • I have a blank in my timetable
  • My courses are out of sequence

Please note: Requests to change teachers will only be considered if the student has previously completed a class with the same teacher. If you have not completed a class with a teacher you may not request a change.

This form is the ONLY mechanism for making course changes.  Counsellors will be working to complete these changes as quickly as possible.  Completed changes will be incorporated into the coloured student timetables distributed during homeroom on Wednesday, September 7, 2016.  Following the distribution of timetables, students who do not see requested changes should check with the personnel outside Student Services / Guidance regarding the status of their requested change.

Counsellors will NOT be available for individual appointments August 30 through September 6, 2016.  Counsellors will contact students if necessary to discuss proposed changes.  If you have a “see coun” on your timetable, on September 7, please come to student services on your spare or during the class time that is impacted. 




Grade 12 Credit Checks

It is critical that each grade 12 student complete a credit check with his/her counsellor prior to the end of November. The credit check determines the following:

Additionally, we discuss the student's plans following high school graduation and provide information about post-secondary institutions and application procedures.

Completion of a credit check is the process that places you on the grad list. The deadline to complete a credit check is the first of December.