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General Information


Sir Winston Churchill High School is a school of excellence. It's a place where choice and challenge abound.  Our vision is to create “competent, caring, productive, and responsible young adults, living successfully in a democratic society.”  The school motto is:

“NON SCHOLAE SED VITAE” – We learn, not for school, but for life.

The school colours are red, white, and blue.  Our interscholastic teams are called “Bulldogs”, though if you go to this school, you are a bulldog too!

Our high school year is organized in a double semester timetable. Within each semester there are complementary courses that are offered in term sections (2 terms per semester).  In addition, we offer full year courses outside of the regular timetable, before and after school.

Where are we located?

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Sir Winston Churchill High School is a public school belonging to the Calgary Board of Education located in the northwest of Calgary, adjacent to Northland Village Mall. It is situated on a rectangular lot located in the community of Brentwood, Our eight acres of outdoor park space is shared with neighbouring Simon Fraser Junior High and Captain John Palliser Elementary.

What is our address and/or contact information?

Sir Winston Churchill High School
5220 Northland Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T2L 2J6

Phone: (403) 289-9241
Fax: (403) 777-7309
Email: sirwinstonchurchill@cbe.ab.ca



Who goes to Sir Winston Churchill?

The school serves the communities of Brentwood (west of Charleswood Drive), Dalhousie, Edgemont, The Hamptons, Nolan Hill, Varsity Acres, Varsity Estates, and Sherwood. Our primary feeder schools are H.D. Cartwright, F.E. Osborne, Simon Fraser, and Tom Baines.

In addition, we are the NW designated International Baccalaureate school. If you plan on taking this enriched and challenging learning pathway and you live in Northwest Calgary, then this will be your school.

Lastly, as arguably one of the top public schools in Alberta, we are very much a school of choice for those who seek the best public education opportunities for their children. Unfortunately, we are often unable to accomodate those outside our boundaries unless for a specific educational reason. Please contact the main office for more information about coming to SWC.

What is our history?

The school was built in 1968 and opened its doors in 1970. Sir Winston Churchill is a high school, meaning we serve students in grades 10 through 12. The school is named in honor of the former British diplomat. Sir Winston Churchill has been acclaimed as one of the greatest statesmen in world history.  He was the courageous and inspiring Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II.  Beside his great political contributions, Churchill was an author, painter, soldier, and noted speaker.  We consider it a privilege to be part of a school named in his honour, and we as members of this school community endeavor to hold ourselves up to the high ideals and expectations that he embodied.

Sir Winston Churchill High School is currently the one of the largest high school in the Calgary Board of Education, with a student population of approximately 2180 students.

What type of school is Sir Winston Churchill High School?

Churchill has always been a school of excellence. It was the first school in Canada to become an official International Baccalaureate school and is respected worldwide for its exemplar IB program. Sir Winston Churchill has 68 classrooms and boasts a full size high school gymnasium, supplemented by an auxiliary gymnasium/stage. Mechanics shops, art studios, electronics & computer labs, a dance studio and a theatre can also be found. Other amenities include: a fitness centre, a modern library, a career centre, a learning centre and a student services/guidance area. Plus, we have every CHSAA approved athletic discipline and between 40-50 clubs or activities for student enjoyment and enrichment.

In summary, this is an excellent school for those who wish to excel and grow both in and out of the classroom. We truly wish to honour our motto: "Not only for school, but for life".

What programs do we offer?

As a school, we offer:

How do you get to the school?

Transportation to the school is provided by Calgary Transit through a dedicated bus route for students. In addition, many of our grade 11's and 12's choose to drive. We have dedicated parking stalls that students can purchase on a yearly basis.

What is your school motto and colors?

The school's motto, "Non Scholae Sed Vitae" stands for "Not only for school, but for life". At Churchill, we take this to heart. Our varied programs try to prepare students for the outside world of post secondary academics or the realities of today's employment market. We try to instill in our students a lifelong love of learning. School colors are red, white, and blue.

What can you tell me about your athletics programs?

Interscholastic teams are called "Bulldogs" and we compete in the Calgary Senior High Schools' Athletic Association. Currently, athletes have the opportunity to participate here in every interschool sport that is offered within the CSHSAA. We have a rich athletic tradition and our teams have had and continue to enjoy great successes. More about our athletic programs can be found on our home page under the athletics link. Go Bulldogs!

What is your School Mission?

To help each student become a competent, caring, productive and responsible young adult, living successfully in a democratic society.

What is the School Philosophy?

We value a school in which learning and teaching reflect the belief that:

  • every student can learn and will learn, given appropriate learning opportunities.
  • the school in and of itself must become a learning community.
  • learning should be personalized, goal oriented, and connected to the real world.
  • continuous improvement, persistent innovation, and a commitment to continuing growth are expected of all people and all programs.
  • the focus of all endeavours should be to help students to learn.
  • We value a school in which the instructional program:
    • enables students to experience a wide range of challenges, stimulating problem-solving through application of multiple forms of literacy.
    • encourages respect for the ideas, views, and solutions of others.
    • fosters the development of informed and responsible citizens, receptive to growth through continuous learning.
    • acknowledges the intrinsic value of learning, challenging all students to press for understanding and mastery beyond existing competencies.
    • purposefully encourages students to understand and to make choices about their own learning.
  • We value a school in which the organizational structure reflects:
    • open communication and cooperation among and between all members of the school community.
    • a sense of community and of belonging among and between all members of the school community.
    • a positive, vibrant climate which cultivates improvement through innovation.
  • We value a school in which leadership and governance:
    • is based on a shared and clearly articulated vision, reflecting a whole-school focus.
    • involves and empowers all stakeholders.
    • strives to model open communication, trust, and consensus based decision making.