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Information for Students with Learning Challenges

Students coded with special learning needs are having their IPPs completed. This process will involve the individual student and may also require involvement with the parents. IPPs are scheduled to be completed by the end of October each year. 

General Information

Alberta Education allows students with learning difficulties the access to appropriate adapted academic accommodations and related adaptive technologies according to their special needs.

Qualifying for Accomodations

To receive adaptive accommodations and services, prospective students must have:

Adaptive academic accommodations and services means accommodations and/or services that retains the learning outcome of the Program of Studies and where adjustments to the instructional process are provided to address the special educational needs of the student.

As stated by Alberta Learning, students with special needs taking curriculum courses for credit are expected to meet those course requirements. Students with special needs taking curriculum courses for credit are not allowed to be placed with any program modifications. Program modifications means programs in which the learning outcomes are different from provincial curriculum and are specifically selected to meet students' special education needs. Special need students requiring adapted accommodations for diploma exams will be required to submit special accommodation forms. For more information, please consult with Churchill's Learning Resource Centre Office.

Click here for more information on the Alberta Education IPP program.

New - As of September 2004, some coded ESL (English as a Second Language) students writing diploma examinations may also be allowed to be adaptively accommodated with extra diploma exam writing time. These students must have a Current Exceptional Student Code of either 301, 302 or 303. ESL Students should consult with their ESL coordinator for more information.