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Philosophy of SWCSC


The mission of the SWCSC is to contribute the informed and educated voice of parents to the shared leadership of SWC for the enhancement of student learning


Our School Council will be a collaborative forum where all concerned participants at SWC may share the responsibility for contributing to a positive learning environment. We will facilitate the timely exchange of information, ideas, issues and concerns among the key educational participants. Our membership will strive to represent the student diversity and actively provide support to Parents, to Students and to Staff through meaningful participation in the life of the school.

Guiding Principles

  1. We believe that it is the responsibility of each member to base all deliberations on the interest of the common good of all SWC Students and to act in the best interests of the School Community. We will cultivate improvement and make consensus-based decision in a positive, supportive climate that encourages respect for diverse ideas, views and solutions.
  2. While providing meaningful, active support of Parents, Students and Staff, we expect to receive regular and timely information on the immediate, short- and long-term issues affecting Student life and learning.
  3. We will strive to uphold the guiding principles of Winston’s Way, observe the Code of Ethics and affirm those values identified by Leadership Council in the What We Value statement.
  4. While we understand that the Principal has the authority to determine which, if any, of the decisions made by our SWCSC will be implemented at SWC, we believe that the Principal, as far as is reasonable practicable, should communicate to our Council and, if appropriate, to other participants, the reasons and justifications for any decisions made and the principles upon which those decisions were based.


  1. To share a common vision for SWC and to be an integral part of the life of SWC.
  2. To foster honest and open communication that addresses the educational needs, expectations and interests of the whole School Community.
  3. To develop an awareness of community expectations and to articulate those expectations to the SWC governance bodies.
  4. To stimulate meaningful involvement by all stakeholders.