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L.A.W.N. - Sir Winston Churchill's Public Wireless Network

As of October 4th 2010, Sir Winston Churchill has a public wireless system called "CBE LAWN." LAWN stands for "Learner Accessible Wireless Network" and it's precisely that; students are encouraged to use their own personal digital devices to connect to the internet for educational purposes.

The following are some common questions regarding the LAWN at SWC.

Can anyone use the LAWN?

No, only CBE students and staff with enabled log-in credentials can use the LAWN.

What if parents and guests want to access the internet?

They can do this using a special CBE Guest network and account. You need to speak to Mr. Oborn in room 100 for more information. It's already been a common mistake for students to try to log into it. They cannot. Use the CBE LAWN instead!

How do I log on?

I'm a parent and I'm concerned with unfiltered access to the internet. Is this network filtered?

The LAWN is a filtered network. Students will still be expected to follow responsible digital citizenship practises while on the network, but the filter is still there to curtail unauthorized surfing. In fact, as you will see below, the filtration levels are higher on the LAWN.

Is the CBE LAWN the same as the CBE Owned Network?

No. CBE LAWN has some very important differences. First, this is for internet connectivity only. Students CANNOT access school network drives using CBE LAWN. Secondly, the speed of the internet is not quite as fast. This limits the ability of students to do some high bandwidth use applications and that's the whole point. We do not want the LAWN to take away from the normal functioning of our current wireless system. Lastly, the filtration is set higher on the LAWN. Students cannot access the same content in an unsupervised environment compared to using school owned devices and the network.

Does public access with my own device allow me to do what I want, ie. gaming?

Students who bring their own devices are still bound to school rules as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy, which each student and their parents signed when coming to Sir Winston Churchill. The difference is supervision; parents should realize that school staff cannot be expected to monitor all usage. This is why we spent considerable time and effort training our new students in the principles of digital citizenship. Ultimately, students have to take responsibility for their actions and behaviors in digital device usage.

Having said that, there are also direct consequences for actions. If students are caught improperly using personal devices, they could lose the priviledge to bring those devices, and possibly lose their CBE account access. In extreme cases, students can be suspended for violating the AUP rules, just like extreme cases involving our school owned devices.

Parents should discuss these matters with their son or daughter before allowing personal devices to be used in schools. Students, in turn, should follow reasonable guidelines to balance personal yet responsible "fun" usage with good educational usage.