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Computer Account FAQ

How do I get a Computer Account?

YOU HAVE ONE! If you are a NEW student to the CBE (not just SWC), then log onto one of our computers in the library using the following:

If you are coming from another CBE school, or if you have EVER attended a CBE school, then you use your 9 digit student ID for a username and your password will be the LAST PASSWORD you used. Now, chances are you've forgotten it. If so, then go see Mr. Oborn in Room 100. He'll reset it for you if you ask nicely!

What's the password to get onto D2L?

It's the same exact one you use to get onto your computer account! If you can't get on the first time, keep trying!

I forgot my password. Now what?

This stuff happens. To get your password reset, you need to go see the following people IN THIS ORDER for help:

  1. Mr Oborn in room 100
  2. Mr. Freiter in the library
  3. Mr. Nestor in room 102

Note: BE SURE TO CHECK your password/account BEFORE any emergent in-class essays or D2L assignments!

What do I get with my computer account?

New and Current Sir Winston Churchill students have automatic access to a plethora of computer resources. With your computer account, you can:

What rules must I follow to keep my account?

You get a lot of benefits with your computer account and some are CRUCIAL to success in your courses. However, if you do not follow the rules, your computer priveledges will be SUSPENDED. Therefore, it's important that each student do the following THREE things:

1. Acceptable Use Policy form (AUP) must be handed in

The acceptable use policy form (nicknamed the "AUP" form) is a one page, double-sided sheet that details all the rules and regulations that students must follow in their use of computer resources at Sir Winston Churchill. It must be signed by BOTH the student and one of their parents or guardians. This form needs to be completed only ONCE while you are here at Churchill.

If you do not have ANY access at all, it is possible that you have not handed this form in. If so:

  1. Go to the main office and ask for an AUP form.
  2. Read it, sign it and have your parents sign it.
  3. Hand it into the MAIN OFFICE once it is done.


2. Grade 10s must complete the D2L Digital Citizenship Project by TBA

Sir Winston Churchill students must take web awareness training. To do so quickly yet thoroughly, each grade 10 Sir Winston Churchill student is enrolled in a D2L course entitled "Digital Citizenship" in mid September (once they have gotten their bearings around the school!). Stay tuned and listen to your period 1 teacher to find out when it will be activated!

Students have a certain amount of time to complete the training. It is the responsibility of every grade 10 student to get this done. However, period 1 teachers may help in this by booking class time to do this activity. Ultimately, if the project is NOT completed (in the 2010-2011 year the deadline is OCTOBER 1) then a student's account is DEACTIVATED FULLY (no further access to D2L, the network or CBEmail). Should this happen, students must go see Mr. Oborn in room 100 to arrange for this to occur. The steps to doing the Digital Citizenship Training are:

  1. Again, make sure it's available. For 2010 it will be active mid-September.
  2. Go into D2L. The easiest way to do so is to go to our mainpage which has a link at the top. Our website can be found at home at www.swchs.ca. To go into D2L right away, click here.
  3. At the login page, use the exact same username (student ID) and password you use to log into school computers. If you do not know this, you need to see Mr. Oborn in room 100.
  4. Under "Courses", "look for SWC Digital Citizenship" near the bottom under "September 2010"
  5. The rest is easy; students must go through four quick powerpoints outlining some information about the school computers, how to research effectively on the internet, and dangers of the internet.
  6. Next, students must do a short quiz and pass with 100%! Sounds scary, but each wrong answer gives you a clue to the correct answer, and students may do the quiz as many times as they like to get 100%

3. Obey the rules as outlined in the AUP

Some of the most common infractions are:

  1. Gaming
  2. changing screen settings (ie. flipping the screen)
  3. vandalizing the computer in any way to render it dysfunctional either temporarily or permanently (why would anyone do this?)

You should know that it is incredibly easy for us to determine who was on a computer during an infraction of any kind. All computer activity in the building is MONITORED either via record of internet surfing or in real time using monitoring software. We also have cameras throughout the building. Please follow the rules and we'll all be happy!

Should you break the rules, depending on the severity, you will lose your computer access for a time. In order to rectify the situation, you need to go see Mr. Oborn in room 100.

I was a bonehead and I lost my computer account. Now what, and how will I get it back?

Loss of computer access is very serious to many students. Without it, you may not be able to participate in certain learning activities such as in-class essays and D2L activities within the school. However, every year students invariably lose their account due to not following the rules outlined above. Students will know this because either Mr. Freiter or Mr. Oborn has caught you doing something you weren't supposed to do, or you have tried to log into your account in school and got a BIG RED MESSAGE telling you your account is disabled. If this occurs to you, you need to go see Mr. Oborn IMMEDIATELY unless you are aware of the infraction.

You should know that for MOST minor infractions, the loss of computer priviledges only applies to within the school; you can STILL get D2L access and CBEmail access using your home computer. Important: if you have not handed in the AUP form or completed Digital Citizenship training, that means you will not have any access to a CBE account UNLESS you take care of the problem!

Typical bans for minor infractions are only a few days. To GET YOUR ACCOUNT BACK, you need to go see Mr. Oborn who needs to MANUALLY turn the account back on. After that, as the scots would say, "away wi' ye an' ne'er do it again!"