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Computer Account FAQ

How do I get a Computer Account?

YOU HAVE ONE! If you are a NEW student to the CBE (not just SWC), then log onto one of our computers in the library using the following:

If you are coming from another CBE school, or if you have EVER attended a CBE school, then you use your 9 digit student ID for a username and your password will be the LAST PASSWORD you used.

What's the password to get onto D2L?

It's the same exact one you use to get onto your computer account! If you can't get on the first time, keep trying!

I forgot my password. Now what?

This stuff happens. If you are having difficulties, please try the following::

  1. Try to log in on a computer in the school library.
  2. See Mr. Nestor in room 102

Note: BE SURE TO CHECK your password/account BEFORE any emergent in-class essays or D2L assignments!

What do I get with my computer account?

New and Current Sir Winston Churchill students have automatic access to a plethora of computer resources. With your computer account, you can:

What rules must I follow to keep my account?

You get a lot of benefits with your computer account and some are CRUCIAL to success in your courses. However, if you do not follow the rules, your computer priveledges will be SUSPENDED. Therefore, it's important that each student review the Acceptable Use Policy form (AUP).