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SWC Device Policy

Ultimately, we are expecting our students to BE RESPONSIBLE with their technology, in line with acceptable business and societal norms, while maintaining behaviours that foster academic excellence.

Before School

Students can use all devices until the first bell at 8:15 AM, which is the beginning of tutorials.


Students can use their devices freely from the time they leave their classes until the first bell of afternoon classes at 12:20 PM.

After School

Students can use their devices immediately after school.

Between Classes

Students are allowed to check messages and text, provided that this does NOT result in being late for class.

During Spares

Students can use their devices in the CAFETERIA providing that they are used nonverbally (no phone conversations, external speaker use) and they are not to be a distraction to the classes that occasionally are held in the South corner. The goal is to allow for learning use and reasonable personal use in keeping with principles of Digital Citizenship.


We expect students to:

  • Keep ringers on silent or vibrate (silent for class)
  • You are not to be a distraction to others
  • Follow device etiquette rules

The device policy above pertains to student activities OUTSIDE of classes.  Within classes and teacher supervised activities, teachers will set their own device policy just as they would with any other behavioural issue affecting classroom management.  In their own classes, teachers have the final say regarding the use of ANY personal technology.