Calgary Board of Education

The Career Centre

The Career Centre

"There are only two lasting things that we can give our children. One is roots, the other is wings." - Author Unknown

Career Planning Services

  • CALM Career Unit (Grade 11)

  • Career Resource Library

  • One-On-One Counselling (by appointment)

  • Post Secondary Exploration

  • Self Assessment (Interest Inventory)

  • Post-Secondary / Career Fairs (Career Planning /Education /Jobs) (Youth Employment Centre) (Personality assessment) (Over 500 Occupations) (Jobs / Wages / Qualifications)
www.tradesecrets.or (Apprenticeship & Industry Training) (Online Career Guidance System) For username and password info, please see Mr. Case

Employment Supports

  • Onsite Job and Volunteer Board

  • Interviewing Preparation

  • Resume Writing

  • Summer Internship Program (Find the Perfect Job) (Jobs in Calgary) (Find the Right Job) (Career Opportunities) Calgary Job search) (Youth Employment Centre)


  • Volunteering Opportunities for Youth (How to Become a Volunteer)