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They became friends in grade 10. Their CAS activities included volunteering at the hospital which inspired them to become medical doctors.  They completed the IB diploma and then undergraduate degrees at the U of C, and they are both now attending U of C’s medical school and are still best friends.


(L) Mr. Sandblom with grade 10 IB students Chandan Bal and Amyna Fidai in2007. Mr. Sandblom with the same students in 2015 (R)


Nerissa Tyson: IB Diploma 2000, B.Sc. 2004, University of Calgary Medical School Class of 2007 – " IB prepared me for university better than any other program could have … my goals have been achieved using the life skills and experience I gained in IB."

Laura Wall: IB Diploma 2000, B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering 2005 - " I'm very glad that I took the opportunity to do the IB program. It really improved my ability to think critically and work efficiently. I enjoyed learning the enriched material that was available to me in this program. My university gave me credit for five courses (a full semester) because of my IB diploma. This gave me the flexibility to add a five course minor in entrepreneurship to my engineering degree and still finish my program at the same time as everyone else. My IB diploma is an accomplishment that I'll always be proud of as a sign of my dedication and love of learning."

Through the three years of IB, I think I gained the most knowledge about how great coffee tastes. While that is quite true, there are also so many other things I have gained through IB. Before the IB program, studying habits were completely foreign to me. But IB taught me how to deal with difficulties by learning time management and many other skills that I would never have obtained otherwise. But to me the greatest thing from IB is all the amazing people; how every single one of them made IB a better place to be. No matter how challenging the process, at the end, the most valuable thing that I would never trade for anything else is the friendships. Throughout IB there were so many memorable moments and these moments are like snapshots of the three years in IB that should be framed and cherished forever. (Note: memories do not include social presentations or any other presentation failures). IB is undeniably demanding and stressful. However through this adventure I have met the MOST incredible people, the best teachers, and lifetimes worth of beneficial education and more importantly all the indescribable memories I have shared with my friends.
Honestly, when I first applied to the IB program, I had no idea what IB was about. Being in the Diefenbaker IB program, I have experienced studying in a positive, encouraging and motivating learning environment. People treat their schoolwork seriously and we are all eager to help each other with studying. I was helped many times in my studies but sadly enough I haven’t helped others much. (Sorry!) Although I wasn’t really close with the IB students, I think they are great people. They ask thoughtful questions in class that I have never thought of (and sometimes I don’t even understand what the question is!). The IB program is good for its flexibility. Teachers understand that we have other classes and are willing to negotiate tests and exams times with us. Those work periods also make our lives easier. Last but not least, I will never forget that I was once an IB kid. It has really been a pleasure to meet you guys!
This is one of the things I will always remember: the determination I found in myself that I never knew I possessed. While some people will look back on IB as a negative thing I prefer to see it as a positive experience. Sure, we all had those nights where we had no sleep because we were studying, but as students we always remembered we were not alone. The people we meet, the friendships formed and the memories that are made are far more important than the exam. IB is a tight knit community where good friends share good times. We fought together, we struggled together but we also triumphed together. None of us could do it alone but then again, we never had to. The IB program brought much grief, sleepless nights and stress that could make a grown man cry, but it also brought love from your closest comrades. Through my high school years I truly believe it is this group of friends that have made me a better person. I will always remember that and I will cherish it always.
IB… Who knew it would be this hard? I remember back in grade 10, I was so determined to get my IB diploma. Now that I’m no longer a part of the program, there’s definitely more freedom to socialize. Those who know me well know that my personal experience in IB was not so great. However, the one thing about IB that I find to be amazing is how easygoing and kind the people are. Ever since the beginning of grade 10, I could already see how sociable and welcoming each student was. We befriended each other and supported one another at all times, which is why IB kids have such a strong bond after only a few years of interaction. IB teachers are extremely flexible, understanding, and helpful. They would try their hardest to provide assistance so that we were not under too much pressure. And then there’s Sandblom… going around taping people’s data tables when there’s only 10 minutes left in a lab. But, of course, it all adds to the good memories. Do I regret taking part in IB? Certainly not! The friendships are forever and, as painful as the process was, I did learn lots. Let’s just say I couldn’t have lasted if it weren’t for the people, so thank you IB’ers!

IB has been a very interesting experience. IB was supposed to teach me to be organized and not procrastinate. IB failed. I’m still very bad at organization but getting better at not procrastination.” Reflecting back on the experience, IB has been quite hard but I have learned a few things along the way.
IB is so much more than courses with a larger workload. The friendships I’ve made, in the IB environment, made me believe that I’ve developed more as a person in these last three years. When everyone in your class has the same work ethic as you concerning school, it becomes so much more pleasurable, that the workload is negligible. We’re put through the same work, and we have each other for support. There’s no animosity between us. I can’t even count the amount of times someone else might have scored better than I did, but it never once made me jealous. It just made me work harder, and stay motivated and strive to be more like those individuals. It actually makes me sad sometimes, when I realize we might not ever see each other again.
University of Calgary, Computer Science, Software Engineer