Calgary Board of Education

How To Apply

Interested students must first attend an informational session.

Information Dates

Call Ginette at 403-777-7730 to register

Please contact our main office at 403-777-7730 for the next available information date. Our complete address and email contact information is available here.

Considering Alternative?

You may be considering a change in schools or moving into Calgary.  You may thrive in a smaller, more informal and highly personalized setting such as the one offered at Alternative High School. 

Alternative High School has offered its unique program for almost 40 years. Unique features include:

  • Circle of Courage philosophy embedded in all we do
  • Flexible timetabling
  • Highly interactive education model based on the democratic process
  • Format that emphasizes student choice and responsibility


We accept applications all year round. We have continuous intake.  Sometimes we ask successful applicants to wait until the start of the semester. Usually, you start  the day after your interview.

You are encouraged to apply for this program of choice.  The application process will include:

  • Notes from the Informational Session
  • Questionnaire about current/previous schooling experience
  • Portfolio of your best work (academic non-academic) that helps us to know you and understand you as a learner
  • A recent transcript of your marks
  • 2 letters of reference (one must be from an educator at your old school)

When considering applicants we look for the following:

  1. A stable living situation
  2. Evidence that he/she is a self-directed learner
  3. High School Age
  4. An awareness of the AHS Drug and Alcohol agreement
  5. Demonstrated understanding of the unique features of AHS and the School Agreements (i.e. Circle of Courage, DGM, mentorship, recycling)
  6. Demonstrated ability to obtain a high school diploma
  7. Need for the AHS environment
  8. Thoughtful and complete responses to the questionnaire
  9. Satisfactory responses to the interview questions

Program of Studies

A partnership of learning is encouraged where differences are embraced and individuality accepted. Course offerings include:

  • Academic courses: English, Social Studies, Science and Math
  • Required courses in CALM and Physical Education
  • Elective Courses:  Drama 10,20,30, Foods 10,20,30   HCS 3000 and 3010, General Psychology 20, Art 10, 20, 30 Experimental Psychology 35, Abnormal Psychology 35 Yoga 15,25 and 35 ASL 15, 25 and 35 Drawing 15, 25 and 35, Textiles,  Work Experience, Learning Strategies 15, 25 and 35, E Learn courses offered via CBE Learn and ADLC.
  • Students have access to all courses offered at the CT Centre and Central Memorial which is across the street from Alternative High School
  • Daily tutorial times available for additional learning assistance starting at 8:40 AM

Informational Sessions are typically held at least one Friday per month at which time you will learn much more about Alternative High School.  Please check are main page on this website or contact the main office at 403-777-7730 for the next tour date.