Calgary Board of Education

How To Apply

Interested students must first attend an informational session.

Information Dates

Call Ginette at 403-777-7730 for information on briefing sessions and tours.

Please contact our main office at 403-777-7730 for the next available information date. Our complete address and email contact information is available here.

Considering Alternative?

If you are interested in attending Alternative High School there are some important steps to complete as part of the registration process.



1) Attend a Briefing at Alternative High School: This briefing introduces students to the Circle of Courage, and other important beliefs and values in the school. Students are taken on a tour of the school, and introduced to the teachers. They will receive information on courses offered, classroom expectations, the attendance policy, and what it means to be a student at Alternative High School.

At a briefing, students are expected to take notes about the school which they will then use to complete their application. (This sheet will be included in their application package).


At the end of the Briefing Session, the student should return things to hand into Alternative:

- Briefing Sheet (Filled out)

- Completed Questionnaire (signed by parents)

- Updated Transcript - 2 Reference Letters (at least one reference from a school, second reference by an adult not relative)


2) Schedule an Interview: After you have given in the completed application form, a staff member from the school will call you to schedule an interview with the school. The interview will discuss certain questions with your child about the Circle of Courage, respect for space, how they handle conflicts, past experiences in school, their strengths as a learner, and how they organize themselves. The interview is designed to determine whether or not the school would be a good fit for your child.



When considering applicants we look for the following:

  1. A stable living situation
  2. Evidence that he/she is a self-directed learner
  3. High School Age
  4. An awareness of the AHS Drug and Alcohol agreement
  5. Demonstrated understanding of the unique features of AHS and the School Agreements (i.e. Circle of Courage, DGM, mentorship, recycling)
  6. Demonstrated ability to obtain a high school diploma
  7. Need for the AHS environment
  8. Thoughtful and complete responses to the questionnaire
  9. Satisfactory responses to the interview questions

Program of Studies

A partnership of learning is encouraged where differences are embraced and individuality accepted. Course offerings include:

  • Academic courses: English, Social Studies, Science and Math
  • Required courses in CALM and Physical Education
  • Elective Courses:  Drama 10,20,30, Foods 10,20,30   HCS 3000 and 3010, General Psychology 20, Art 10, 20, 30 Experimental Psychology 35, Abnormal Psychology 35 Yoga 15,25 and 35 ASL 15, 25 and 35 Drawing 15, 25 and 35,  Work Experience, Learning Strategies 15, 25 and 35, E Learn courses offered via CBE Learn and ADLC.
  • Students have access to all courses offered at the CT Centre and Central Memorial which is across the street from Alternative High School if space is available.
  • Daily tutorial times available for additional learning assistance starting at 8:40 AM