Calgary Board of Education


Quotes from students and parents

“If it wasn’t for Alti, I would either have dropped out or been in rehab.” (Grade 12 student)

“At my junior high, I was picked on all the time and would go home crying every day. Here, I have found a home.” (Grade 12 student)

“At my other high school, I had no friends and was overwhelmed by how big it was. When I came to Alti the change was overnight – I want to come to school and my marks have gone up 20%. I like the small setting and the 1:1 with teachers.” (Grade 12 student)

“If not for Alternative I would definitely NOT be in high school. I really care about this place. Alti is the reason I get up every day.” (Grade 12 student)

“This place represented safe water for me. It saved me. It meant a lot to me to finally be treated as a person, to be accepted for who I was, to be treated fairly, to be respected, and to have a voice in the operation of the school.” (Former Student)

“This is just a good place to blossom and like, find yourself. And you really find who you are in this school and what you’re about and what you believe in.” (Alumnus)

“Caring is a big thing. And I think that’s what this school has. They seem to genuinely care.” (Alumnus)

“You just have to sort of underscore that this is THEIR community. That school belongs to those kids. It’s real…It’s not being said to make them happy or to try to get them to behave in a certain way. It’s real. and it’s a collaboration between everybody there.” (Parent)

“We are happy and proud and owe you and your faculty our appreciation and gratitude for your encouragement and caring way… (Our daughter) is learning and growing in ways that we have not experienced in quite some time. What an amazing school…There are just not words to describe the joy and relief we feel!” (Parent)