Calgary Board of Education

School Beliefs
  1. Students who are motivated through learning which is relevant, interesting and enjoyable, will make wise choices in taking ownership for their learning.
  2. Learning is not confined to the classroom but is a continuous, life long process of using language and direct experience to construct knowledge.
  3. Learning requires the active involvement of the learner in a supportive environment which values risk taking, problem solving, decision making, and creative thinking.
  4. School structure and organization must support and reflect what we know about learning and the learning environment.
  5. Schools must create an ecology to nurture the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth of all individuals within the community.
  6. All members of the school community are unique and have a special contribution to make to school culture.
  7. The school community must reflect and enhance responsible, positive and life enhancing values with respect to the Earth.
  8. The school community will foster mutual respect and understanding of individual differences through modelling and communication.
  9. The school is a partner in learning with the larger community.
  10. Growth and development of a healthy school environment must include constant reflection and assessment.
  11. Students learn in different ways and at different rates.
  12. Learning is the construction of meaning which links personal knowledge with formal knowledge through interaction with the world.