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Athletic Contract

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Athletic Contract (print off and sign)

Congratulations on being chosen as a member of a Lester B. Pearson team!

We have one major expectation of our athletes at Pearson: COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE. We expect our athletes to demonstrate excellence in four specific areas: attendance, citizenship, academic performance and sportsmanship. Your signature at the bottom of this contract, along with that of your parent/guardian, signifies your acceptance and willingness to adhere to the expectations outlined below.

  1. You are expected to attend and be on time for all of your classes.
    Missing classes during the day means no games in the evening.
  2. You are expected to demonstrate leadership and cooperation in your classes.
    Your teachers should know that they can count on you to demonstrate a high level of citizenship and to do your best at all times.
  3. You are expected to perform at the highest level you are capable of academically. Failing classes demonstrates an inability to handle the load of being a team member as well as a student. Your teachers may agree that you should be suspended from the team until improvements are made.
  4. As an athlete, you are representing yourself and Pearson at all times. Our expectation is that you will never speak to an official unless your coach has asked you to respectfully address a specific issue. Your conduct on the floor/field will be exemplary; this means you do not draw attention to yourself or embarrass your team, coach or school. Swearing is unacceptable at all times and in every circumstance. Coaches are expected to remove players who cannot demonstrate excellence in this very important area.
  5. Football, Basketball and Volleyball athletes are not permitted by CSHSAA guidelines to compete in a club sport at the same time that they are competing in that same sport at school. This would make you ineligible for competition and cause your team to lose any wins that had been accumulated during the season.

I, _______________________ as an athlete at Lester B. Pearson High School, recognize that there are high expectations of my conduct both during competition and in school life. I agree to adhere to the above expectations to the best of my ability. I understand that if at any time I do not live up to the terms of this contract my participation may be restricted and/or terminated by my coaching staff.

Date __________________Student_____________________________________________
Parent/Guardian ______________________________Coach_________________________
Both the Athletic Director and Administration will keep this form.