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career planning resources

  • Career Portfolio
    Here are the directions and the support you need to complete your Career Portfolio Assignment
    A GREAT "One stop shopping" site for your career planning. Spend lots of time here. Our school subscribes to this site. You can obtain the username and password from your TA, Student Services, or the Media Centre
  • Chinook College Career Services
    Lots of great resources and information that you can use in understanding the career planning process, making your plans, and getting the education adn job that you really want
  • ALIS
    (Alberta Learning Information Service) is an incredibly useful site that includes up to date detailed occupational profiles on 500+ occupations and lots of other information that is well worth surfing!
  • Careers the Next Generation
    Consider taking RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program) in high school for an advantage getting into a trade occupation
  • Alberta Apprenticeship Training
    Want to see what's happening inside? Don't resist It will be well worth the visit. When you cross that threshold, you'll be joining thousands of people who have discovered trade secrets that helped them achieve their dreams. Visit this website if you want to know more about apprenticeship training in Alberta.
  • Canada WorkInfoNet
    A uniquely Canadian partnership - brings together a range of interests including: career development, labour market information, training, literacy, community development, social services, workplace and other related topics.