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Personal and interpersonal challenges

Life is a challenge!

...but no doubt you already knew that! In this theme you will look at some of the challenges that young people face a they enter adulthood.

Sub Themes: Relationships | Well Being

Relationships Theme Resources

Conflict and Violence

  • Adolescence Directory online
    Conflict and Violence page Dating (going out if you prefer!)
  • Teen Advice Online
    An online network of teens helping teens with the commom issues they face. This link takes you directly to their dating resource.
  • Shyness
    Produced by the author of a book about conquering social anxiety, this site has some useful resources about shyness including a case study, a shyness strategy of the week, and a self-assessment questionaire. You don't have to buy the book to get something out of this site.


Well Being - Problems and Issues

Physical Health | Sexual health | Substances | Mental & Spiritual Health | Parenting

General Health and well being sites

  • Thrive
    "A passion for living - a comittment to health": a very good magazine site with articles and information about healthy lifestyles and issues
  • Wellness Web
    lots of useful information about a wide range of medical questions including conventional as well as complimentary or alternative approaches.
  • Teen Advice Online
    An online network of teens helping teens with the commom issues they face.

Physical Health

Sexual and Reproductive Health


Mental and Spiritual Health

Promoting your own mental and spiritual health

  • Thrivenet
    Excellent site! Life's not fair - and that can be good for you! This site is a resource for learning about resilience, thriving, and how to gain strength from adversity.

Parenting, Child care, and Children't health issues