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Why your portfolio is important:

Today's workplace is very different than the one your parents entered when they finished school. Today, people are likely to change jobs, and occupations much more frequently and more and more workers are self-employed or become entrepreneurs. All of these changes mean that the job market is more competitive than ever and that you must be able to demonstrate to a potential employer (or customer) that you have the skills and experience they need (and will pay for!). Your portfolio will be a powerful tool to accomplish this.

A Career Portfolio is:

  • a collection of examples of work you have done
  • proof of your skills, , and experience.
  • an important tool for you to market yourself when looking for a job

Who uses portfolios?

  • Artists, photographers, architects and others who create, have used portfolios for years to show potential customers what they can do
  • More and more companies expect their employees, and potential employees, to have a portfolio
  • Some post-secondary programs require portfolio's as part of the admission process
  • More and more, individuals in all kinds of occupations are using portfolios to give themselves an edge when applying for jobs

Why Are Pearson Students Making Portfolios?

  • So they will be better prepared to enter post secondary education or the work force after grade 12
  • Because students that are focused on their goals and career plans are more likely to be successful at school
  • With their portfolio, Pearson students will be more successful in their life and their career