Brandon's and Tony's Game

Functional Specification

Game start

The game starts out on a screen with the title of them game in big letters spelling out “Chicken Quest.” There is play button, and a controls button. When the "Controls" button is clicked, the controls pop up. When the "New Game" button is clicked, a new screen of the game map will be displayed with the player at the the top left of the grid.

Game GUI

When in game, there is a GUI. On the right, it shows a counter that keeps track of the chicken you recieve upon stepping over the grass. The layout is on a grid. You will also see a timer on the top left of the grid that counts down 120 seconds. When it reaches zero, the game will end and you will die. You move around using mouse control. Each space on the grid has an attribute of either ground, grass, water, or a door. It is a single-player game. When you land on a grass block, you can get a chicken. Upon earning 5 or more chickens, you will gain access to the door which is where you will find the Chicken Boss. When you click on the door, you will be transported to the battle scene. The battle scene shows your own character as well as the boss. You have two moves which both deal a different amount of damage. When you are brought below -1 health, you are sent to the game over screen that displays the holy chicken and the words "gameover". After, you can choose to play again, or be ashamed of yourself and lie in a corner.. When the boss drops below -1 health, you are sent to the victory screen that shows the player celebrating.

Battle Scene Template

My Screen

Game template

The grid is 9x7. The spaces of the grids have a graphic of tall grass(enemy battle), gravel (has no attribute, just free space), tree are space that the player is unable to move onto, water, that player cannot swim in, and a door, which is used to get to the boss. The boss scene shows the two characters aswell as their health. It also shows the two attacks that the player is able to use.

Main map

My Screen

End game

After the boss is defeated, you are brought to the victory screen in which you can play again or honour yourself in the glory you have accomplished.

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