Game Description


Playing Game of Treasures

Pictures will differ in the game

when you open the game, a "how to play" alert will show up click "ok", then click the “START GAME ” button to begin the game, then the timer on the top left hand corner will start, and on the top right hand is the list of object you will have to find.

game start image

You have 45 seconds to find the all the objects in the each level before the timer runs out. It will get a lot more harder to find the objects on each level. There will be 3 levels. If your time runs out an alert box will pop up saying that your time is up and you have to refresh the page to play again.

game play image

There may be sound effects when the player finds an object and there may be some music in the background and the player will have the ability to mute it. Unfortunately this is unlikely to happen.

game music option image

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