Game of Treasures

the hidden object game


Who is involved?

This game is made by two computer science students in grade 10, Abdullah and Lian, and this game website is one of our assignments. We worked really hard for this, not just for the marks but also for the public to enjoy.

What is the game?

Our game is a hidden objects game. For more information about our game visit our Functional Spec page.

When was it made?

This game was made in April 2014.

Where was it made?

This was made in Canada, Alberta, Calgary NE. It was made in Lester B. Pearson senior high school in semester 2 computer science class.

Why we chose this game?

We chose this game because it's very simple and straightforward. We also wanted a game that is easy to play but challenging at the same time. It is a very good place to start as student programmers.

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