Functional Specification


A 2-D game where you make a bird fly by clicking on the screen. When you click the bird “jumps” a certain distance upward, when you do not click the bird falls towards the ground. You must avoid obstacles in your path by clicking the screen at the appropriate time. The farther the bird goes, the higher your score is!

Group Members:


Start Screen

Dave loads the page and sees a bird appear on the screen with a generic 8-bit image as the background. On the bottom of the screen there is a button which says “Start". Dave clicks the button.

Game Screen

Dave clicks on the screen and he sees the bird move forwards, jump up and sees the bird fall when the screen is not clicked. Dave gets the bird closer to an upcoming obstacle and he clicks on the screen many times to get the bird to “fly” over it. Dave continues to click at the appropriate time to keep the bird in the air. The next obstacle approaches and Dave lets the bird fall just enough to get under the object and the clicks to stop the bird from hitting the ground. Each time Dave manages to avoid an obstacle he gets 1 point. A new obstacle approaches and Dave does’t manage to get high enough to avoid it. The bird gets hit and dies.

Game Over Screen

Dave is brought to a screen where it tells him that his score for the round was 3 and that his high score overall is 3. The screen has the same 8-bit background and has a big Replay button in the center. Dave clicks on the button and is brought back to the Start Screen.