Who made this?

The person who made this is a Computer Science 10 student known as Dennis. Dennis is a student at Lester B. Pearson who has taken Javascript for this course and this is his project for this year.

What is Geobeat?

Geobeat is a game made with the combination of both HTML and Javascript. It is a game where you have a 3 by 3 grid where you use the numpads to hit the squares that is randomized per play. It's also difficult and both beginners and veterans will able to enjoy.

Why did you make this game?

One of the many inspirations of making this game was being a huge fan of rhythm games. If you are familar with Konami, you'll know that this game is mostly based on jubeat. In jubeat, you have a set amount of time to hit the squares and due to it being a rhythm game, you must time the hit according to the song making it quite hard even to beginners. This is why the difficulty to get a good score is difficult as I wanted to make it based on your reaction and reading to gain the score.