Teemo's Adventure Functional Specification

Functional Specification

This page will describe what you will experience when you are playing our game. This document was the original idea for our game, and has continually been edited and changed through the proccess of creating both our website and game. Reading through and using this document has helped us program the game, and maybe it will help you play the game, or even program your own game.

Teemo's Adventure

Game Main Menu

Upon pressing the game link you'll see a screen with some text describing the game, and a button to start playing.

Upon pressing the start button

The game starts on the first level, a grid of black squares with a teemo hat in the top left corner.


To move around, you click any square adjacent to the teemo hat, and you'll move to that space (or somewhere else if it's a special tile).

Mechanics of the game

Once you move the teemo hat, the color of the square that you moved onto will determine what happens next. The goal is to keep moving around until you find the mushroom, then move to the door.

Tile Colors

Level layout

Each level is a square grid, increasing in size as you progress. All spaces are covered up at the start of each level.