Today... You're The Hero

Functional Specification

This page can be considered a walkthough as well as an explanation for our game. This page will talk about the exeriences you will have to face thoughout the game and what you will have to figure out. There are still a few things we are figuring out. which will be noted in a blue, bolded text and it will start off with "Open issue". There are also formulas we have not yet figured out and those will be noted with "Technical Note".

Start Page

when the game starts there is a brief description on what is happening and how you play, the description appears and it says "It is 1469, Your name is Wander and you have been put into jail by your sister who framed you for the murder of your own parents so you plan on getting revenge on her, no matter what it takes. to play the game, you have to type in your actions, if you come across an items you can type to pick it up and if there is more than one item you can simply type 'take all' and you will have all the items, Type 'Start' to play."

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Game play

After you type "start" you are given a summary of Wander and his sister it says "Your name is Wander. you live in a mystical word with dragons who can talk, trolls and other mythical creatures, you also have a sister who's name is Elizabeth. Your parents always loved you more and did not care much for your sister becasue she was always got into trouble. Then, one day, Elizabetth finally snapped and murderded your parents, and she blamed it on you, and now you have been sent to jail." Then the game Begins.


When the game starts up you see an iventory slot on the left side of the screen and a box on the bottom of the screen which is where you type in your actions and a box on the top whcih is where the reply text is. you start off in a prison cell with the door slightly open and can also see a rock on the ground and you have to pick it up and throw it at the guard who will then be knocked out, then oyu can escape from your cell, when you leave the cell you are in the first hallway and there is a stick on the ground, sometimes things cna be useful and sometimes things just take up space in your inventory, but if you choose to take the stick it will help you. the next room you enter is the armoury, it has a wooden sword, a wooden shield and bronze armour, as well as Jailies (which is the currency of the game) and a poition that restores some of your health. you can choose to take it all. after the armoury, there is a stiarwell, there is nothing in it, after the stairwell you find yourself in another hallway but at the end of the hallway you can see a hole in the wall, which you can crawl though and then you have finally escaped.

fight example. Picture created by Jacob


After you Escape from the prison you have to go though a forest and as you go though it the path will split and oyu have to choose which way to go, if you choose left, then you see an empty feild and hear strange noises, if you choose to go forward, then you will be killed by a crazy monster, but if you have the stick you can throw it and the monster will go after the stick, leaving Devils Armour behind which is an extremely stong armour (the strongest in the game)you can then go back to where the path splits and the take the other way which is right, the path with split again, you can go right, or straight, you cannot go right until you have gone stright whihc leads to the cillage, the village has three huts, each hut has a useful item you have t take before moving forward on your jurney, on hut has a n iron sword, one has an iron sheild and one has iron armour, but you cnanot nate the iron armour if you have already gotten the devils armour. after you have taken all the items you can continue on to the mountains forest.


Once you are in the mountain forest you will have to follow a path that ends up splitting apart and if you go right, then the story continues but if you go left, then you will come across a dragon that is wounded very badly and is about to die, but he first explains to you why your sister needs to be stopped because she is brainwashing dragons and forcing them to kill people and destroy villages, he then gives you a special sword called the "Dragon Sword" that is linked to the Devil Armour and makes each item even more powerful, as you continue the path you are brought to the base of the mountain, you find a cave and enter it, there are a few rooms you can enter most of them have nothing but one of them has a powerful shield called the "Fire Sheild" and it is linked to the Dragon Sword and the Devil Armour making each one more powerful, then as you continue through the cave you find a room full of dragons trpped in cages and you can choose to free them all, and if you do then one of the dragons will lead you to your sisters hideout in the cave, after you walk in you can choose to pull her out and beat her up to have her arrested and have to deal with everyone hating you for not killing her or you can choose to question her, get answers of why she killed your parents. but if you choose to question her she traps you in a cage and sets a bomb saying that no one will ever know, but you can squeez your arms though the cage and grab on to her, holding her and maing sure she doesnt get away, therefore killing both of you, but the dragons know your story and start telling people which will then leave you known as "The Hero"

Basic Items

Item Location Use
Sword Villages Higher attack damage
Sheild Villages, Forests Higher defense
Rock Anywhere Distraction
Potions Villages, Forests Replenishes health by 10%, 25%, 50%, or 100%

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