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Visual Communication

Visual Communication is an MDC (Media, Design and Communication) course where students discover and develop creative and technical skills to enhance media awareness and the practical applications used by the various segments of the communication industry.

As a program of study within the CTS department, students are provided with hands-on opportunities to present and communicate ideas through Photography, Printmaking, Video Production and Publishing Layout.


Visual Communication 10 | Visual Communication 20 | Visual Communcation 30 | CTS Curriculum for Visual Communication

Visual Communication 10 (Introductory, 5 one-credit courses)

Project-based learning through introductory activities in visual composition, media, photography, printmaking, publishing layout, and video production.

Visual Communication 20 (Intermediate, 5 one-credit courses)
Prerequisite: Three 10 level credits consisting of Visual Composition (COM1005), Photo Introduction (COM1205) and one other.

Visual Communication 30 (Advanced, 5 one-credit courses)
Prerequisite: Three 20 level credits, each in a specific field of occupational inquiry.

Career Opportunities: Freelance Photographer, Photojournalist, Cinematographer, Storyboard Artist, Scriptwriter, Graphic Designer, Visual Merchandiser, Exhibit Designer, Sign and Printmaker.

Akshat Wallpaper Komal Wallpaper Lisa Wallpaper Nathan Wallpaper WillyN Wallpaper

Photos created by Visual Communication students

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