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Computer Applications

The impact of technology on the business world means that rapid changes are occurring every day in offices. Today's students, the employees of tomorrow, will face the challenge of adapting to frequently changing technology in their work environments.

To meet this challenge, students must develop skills to interpret information, follow instructions, communicate orally and in written form, make use of electronic media and solve problems. Computer Applications gives students the opportunity to learn the power of the software and use it to solve problems and make decisions.

Students will use Microsoft Office 2010 software, the Internet, and a variety of graphics programs to prepare documents in real world simulations.

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Computer Applications 10

Computer Applications 10 introduces students to the technology at Lester B. Pearson, with learning how to use the computer and related software to do research, data analysis, and to prepare presentations in a variety of formats. Students will be introduced to the Microsoft Office 2010 programs and a variety of graphic programs.

Touch typing is a strong focus in Computer Applications 10, where many students will be able to type 40+ words per minute once completed.

Programs used:

Word Excel PowerPoint Access


Paint Photoshop Smart Technologies


Computer Applications 20

Microsoft Office LogoComputer Applications 20 will focus its attention on computer skills necessary in business. Students will develop and refine their use of intermediate software skills using Office 2012 -- Word, Excel and the integration of all Office 2012 programs. They will develop their proofreading and formatting skills through the production of correspondence, reports, tables, spreadsheets and charts. Touch keyboarding continues with the development of speed and accuracy with both the alphabetic and numeric keyboards.


Computer Applications 20: Graphics
Learning a new program

Computer Applications 30

Computer Applications 30 continues to apply software applications to the world of business. Students continue their work in Office 2012 Professional, developing advanced level skills in Word and the integration of Office 2012 Professional programs. In the Specialization modules, students can choose a specific area of expertise from a variety of industries or advanced level software. Software functions, document formatting and proofreading skills learned in this course could be applied to obtaining MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) certification.


Computer Applications 30: Graphics
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Computer Applications 30: Word