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Personal Foods

In Food Studies, the students learn the factors involved in kitchen safety, in managing a home based kitchen, in making nutritionally wise choices about food and in planning meals based on budget considerations. Each level of the course allows the students to expand their skills, expertise and creativity in their decisions about food and home food preparation. The students take part in food preparation Labs, as well as written assignments and group projects. The students are also expected to exhibit employable behaviors, such as good hygiene, good attendance and punctuality.

Foods 10 | Foods 20 | Foods 30

Foods 10 (5 credits)

In the Foods 10 course, the students are introduced to all factors involved in kitchen and food safety. This course is called Food Basics and it is the prerequisite course for all other Foods courses. The students must attain an 80% on the Safety Exam to continue.

The focus will be the introduction of basic food preparation methods and basic nutrition, according to the Canada Food Guide. We look at today's food options such as Fast and Convenience Foods and well as Food customs in Canada. Basic baking methods are introduced in this level, as well.

Foods 20 (5 credits)

In this course, the students continue to build their skills in planning and preparing foods, as well as understanding the body's needs for various nutrients. More advanced cooking techniques and styles are practiced. The students work more independently and the idea of creativity in meal planning and food preparation is introduced. We study food cultures from many other countries as well as the Creative Cold Foods.

Foods 30 (5 credits)

This is a course which focuses on skills required in food selection, food preparation and the presentation of fine foods. Advanced cooking techniques needed in the preparation of advanced yeast products, delectable soups and sauces, cooking with a wide variety of meats and alternatives, is the focus. Entertaining with food is an area of study that allows for the creative foods students to grow and develop pride in their work. Students are encouraged to work very independently and have the confidence to make wise food decisions. We look at the epidemic of eating disorders that is ravaging our modern society and the causes.