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Professional Cooking

Students in the professional cooking courses are taught to prepare a variety of hot, cold and bakery foods to develop their skills and competencies in food preparation. Students learn in the commercial cafeteria kitchen, and products prepared are merchandised to students and staff. All professional cooking courses are instructed with an emphasis on quantity food preparation. Students learn both practical and theory of professional cooking.

Professional Cooking 10 | Professional Cooking 20 | Professional Cooking 30

Professional Cooking 10 – Kitchen Basics (5 credits)

Food basics 1010 is a module of this course and is the prerequisite module for all future courses in Grades 11 and 12.

This is an introductory course in which students learn five modules which include topics on kitchen safety, tools and equipment use, recipe use, food sanitation and personal hygiene for food handlers, and cooking terminology. Each module consists of a combination of food preparation in the kitchen and written activities.

Professional Cooking 20 (5 credits-5 modules)

Professional Cooking 20 is a continuation of Professional Cooking 10. Students are instructed in greater depth about various hot and cold foods and bakery preparations. Nutrition and healthy food choices, as well as technical skill development are taught.

Professional Cooking 30 (5 credits-5 modules)

In this course students continue to develop skills and competencies relative to basic job entry in the hospitality industry and post- secondary culinary education at technical colleges. Instructional emphasis is placed on developing cooking and baking skills, work habits and customer service. Students will learn from an advanced standpoint the preparation of stocks, soups, sauces, meat cookery, baking and cold foods and other activities related to the success supervision of a commercial kitchen.

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