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What we believe about the Fine and Performing Arts at Lester B. Pearson High School

Those of us who are fortunate enough to teach in the Fine and Performing Arts at Pearson feel great passion for our chosen disciplines. We have spent years developing our skills so that we may offer Pearson's students the opportunity to experience the joys and benefits that participation in the arts provides. When we sat down to discuss what we as a department believed about the arts and what they bring to the lives of our students specifically and to the community, both Pearson and the world, generally, we discovered we had very similar, and very passionate, beliefs. As you navigate this page, whether you are considering the arts as a reason for attending Pearson, or are interested in the culture of the school and what FAPA brings to it or you are in search of possible school experiences, we wanted you to understand our beliefs and the things towards which we strive as artists and teachers at Pearson.

At Pearson we believe:

  • In art for art's sake
  • That the arts are worth knowing and pursuing for the artistic experience alone
  • The arts are something we do to develop the individual; an integral part of the process of helping students be the best people they can be
  • In a celebration of the individual and their accomplishments
  • In modelling for students while striving to avoid competitive comparison
  • In allowing students to develop interests and passions
  • That the arts hold a mirror up to society
  • The arts allow students to constructively have some objectivity about the world in which they live
  • The arts make school more fun for the students who choose to participate and more alive for all members of the school community
  • The arts provide a ready made community filled with common bonds; a group of students working together to create something that's of value to them
  • The nature of developing one's own creative process serves as a process of self-actualization; the skills honed through this creative process are in great demand in the corporate and professional worlds
  • Participation in the arts helps students live well with others in the world
  • The arts develop literacy; the ability to read and write in a different way and to be able to understand and communicate with the world in ways as diverse as the world and all those in it
  • There is great value in the process of public revue; a critical component in the creation and sharing of all art
  • That success in the Fine and Performing Arts comes from discipline, dedication and persistence and that the outcomes of hard work are those of greatest value
  • That great joy and empowerment come from success and tremendous growth from the journey towards it
  • That the Fine and Performing Arts are a vital part of our Pearson community and of the human experience