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The art program is a vital and exciting journey into the visual arts. Students do not need to have any previous art experience. An emphasis is placed on making art accessible to individuals so that all students can develop visual literacy. Students are taught how to visually communicate through the creation of art and how to interpret, or make sense of art through a variety of methods. It is hoped that through the art program students will learn to become effective visual communicators, self-directed learners through planning and working on their art, and quality producers by setting high standards for their work. They will also learn to become critical and creative thinkers by seeking solutions to the assignments they are given. There will be chances for them to become collaborative workers by working with other students from time to time.

Art 10 | Art 20 | Art 30 | Gallery

Art 10Art 10 - 5 credits

This exciting course provides an introduction to the visual arts at the high school level. No previous art courses are required to meet with a high degree of success. Students taking this course will develop new and refine previously acquired skills through the exploration of various materials and techniques. Opportunities to creatively express oneself through painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, pottery, computer art, etc. will be provided.

Art 20 - 5 credits

Prequisite: Art 10

Art 30Art 30 - 5 credits

Prerequisite: Art 20

The emphasis of Art 30 is to foster within students an independence and stylistic characteristic common to practising artists. Students are expected to achieve and exhibit a personal style through in-depth study. Personal experiences will be used as a source of images. The research of selected artists and periods to discover influences on their personal vision will be incorporated into the course.